inter airport Europe Innovation Awards: The Entries

The submission of entries for main exhibitors of the inter airport Europe 2015 Innovation Awards and the voting for the international airport community have now closed. You can still view all the entries below under each of the four exhibition categories.

Would you like to know who the winners are? Then join the Opening and Awards ceremony on 6 October 2015 at 11.00 hrs!

Air.Go 2.0
DSG BagDrop, Norway

Air.Go 2.0 is an innovative self-service bag drop solution that is characterised by its user-friendly design, customisable functionality and elegant appearance.

Not two airports are the same, and the modularity of the system allows the airport to customise the bag drop experience to suit their particular needs, and integrate it seamlessly with the rest of the check in process.

The design is minimalistic and elegant with no distracting elements - both regarding functionality and aesthetics. The gently curved front gives a welcoming appearance with an ergonomically correctly angled screen, and space for e.g. wheel chair users. Furthermore, the colour scheme of the machines can be customised in order to match the airports brand identity and architecture.

Air.Go 2.0 is using a proven hardware and software solution provided by DSG, which has already checked in millions of bags in airports around the world.

Air.Go is designed and produced by Marcus Pedersen - Airport Interior Solutions in cooperation with DSG BagDrop.

Baggage Vision
Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics GmbH, Germany

Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics has developed the new Baggage Vision System to help solve the challenge of non-readable bag tags. The solution is the only product available on the market using digital images of the bag and applying highly reliable optical character recognition (OCR) software to identify the flight numbers and airport codes on bag tags.

Through multiple loadings and unloadings, bag tags can end up non-readable because they are stained, torn, twisted badly worn out or – more simply – partially hidden behind straps or pockets. Traditionally, bags with non-readable tags have to be diverted to manual coding stations, which leads to additional manual labor and a significant delay in transportation.

Beside the Bar Code also the Destination Airport, Flight, Date and the Tag Number is printed on a Tag in a human readable text. Siemens Baggage Vision can read all of that that. More information on bags becomes available. This allows fully automated sorting of bags even without further information on the bag tag number. The proportion of late or mishandled bags is minimized significantly. The number of required manual coding stations as well as the workload is reduced.

J. Schmalz GmbH, Germany

The importance of ergonomics and efficiency is rising steadily, especially in the sector of cargo handling. We are a forward-looking company adapting our product range to the changing requirements of the market. Therefore we introduced the CargoSwitch, an extendible conveyer to pick up, carry and unload cargo. This new kind of belt conveyor realizes a continuous flow of goods while breaking down pallets and building them up again. The CargoSwitch is able to load and unload cargo autonomously by picking it up with a roll in front. The semiautomatic CargoSwitch handles cargo with a maximum weight of 50 kg and a width of up to 1000 mm easily and dynamicly. The conveyor can be extended from approximately 900 mm to 3500 mm and moved in all directions. Cargo can be adjusted as required since the belts on the grapping unit can be moved in the opposite direction of each other. The intuitive user interface of the handle enables the operator to control the CargoSwitch easily and safly. The CargoSwitch offers a lot of features and can be used flexibly for almost all applications where cargo is moved from one point to another.


The hybrid transmission system HTV700 enables you to use vehicles in limited traffic areas, ensuring zero emission mobility, while satisfying the vehicle’s power needs when standing still for long periods and recovering the power released for braking, driving downhill or even just slowing down. All this ensures substantial savings in terms of fuel consumption.
The HTV700 offers the SAE4 bell coupling inlets and outlets; the maximum input torque is 300 Nm (222 lb-ft), the maximum input power is 95 kW (127 hp) with a maximum speed of 3000 rpm and overall weight of 245 kg (540 lb).
The HTV700 can be installed on new vehicles or retro-fitted to on-the-road vehicles, thus enabling both industrial and commercial vehicles to be brought up to standard with the most recent and ever more stringent laws governing environment emissions.
The system is so compact it can be used on multiple applications and fitted in different ways. It is so flexible that it makes the vehicle unique in its kind and perfectly usable in limited traffic areas without causing acoustic and atmospheric pollution. As well as all this, it ensures a reduced fuel consumption of 20% while driving on combustion engine power.

Fire Containment Bag (FCB)
AmSafe Bridport, Great Britain

The Fire Containment Bag (FCB) has been designed for the protection of undeclared dangerous goods, and advances on the 10 years of development of the Fire Containment Cover (FCC). Dangerous goods, including lithium batteries continue to be packed incorrectly, with a large number of accidents and near misses directly attributed to fire from these types of batteries. We have tested the FCB and FCC with lithium battery fires and both successfully prevented the fire from spreading to the unprotected areas. This product provides protection from the fire spreading for 6 hours, from the first notification of a fire on board, enabling the crew to take the necessary emergency actions.

The Fire Containment bag provides a user friendly alternative to the FCC. The FCC is designed for full pallet loads whereas the FCB is suitable for use on both pallets or within a container.

Baggage Conditioning with MOVIGEAR®-SNI

The Standard 3 framework of the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) has introduced new regulations for airport Explosive Detection Systems (EDS). This Standard 3 must be applied to all newly-installed machines after September 2014. By 2020 (2018 within the UK), all airports in Europe must comply with this standard.
All EDS machines have a defined maximum throughput, which depends on baggage size, conveyor speed and gap between bags. This maximum throughput can only be achieved with optimum baggage spacing, which ensures a high utilization of the machine.
SEW-EURODRIVE offers airports an automation hardware and software solution for baggage conditioning systems, which maximizes the throughput thanks to the high dynamic and the decentralized intelligence of SEW MOVIGEAR®-SNI. The decentralized controller MOVIFIT®-FDC-SNI uses an algorithm to calculate the necessary speed and acceleration per conveyor in order to reach the target gap between baggage items. In combination with an integrated high resolution encoder, which ensures precise baggage position tracking, the MOVIFIT®-FDC controller can also handle other functionalities such as baggage height/length monitoring.
In addition, the Single-Line Network Installation (SNI) technology, in which power and communication are transmitted over the same cable, ensures fast installation and efficient start-up.

ACCEL: an accelerating moving walkway

When using this new mobility product, passengers enter at normal walking speeds of 0.65 m/s (2.35 km/h), accelerate smoothly up to 2 m/s (7.2 km/h), and then decelerate back to normal walking speeds before leaving the system.
Composed of a band of pallets, which appear similar to a regular moving walkway, ACCEL incorporates game-changing technology beneath the surface. The band is built using the overlapping pallet concept that expands to the original size of each pallet by three times. Each pallet is equipped with its own magnet propelled by linear motors installed in fixed positions. In addition, the pallet band and the handrail are two separate systems that run precisely in sync, and sensors constantly focus on the position of the individual grips and pallets, ensuring that passengers always feel that these are moving at the same speed, experiencing a smooth and safe ride.
The linear motors and encoders are perfectly synchronized and, if a motor does occasionally fail, the mechanical safety chain engages and pulls the pallet via a dragger, ensuring continuity of operations.

Solar Press-Shark
ANTA SWISS AG, Switzerland

The Solar Press-Shark, a forward-looking invention with a great design
Saves on resources and cuts beck on emptying times.

The Solar Press-Shark uses state of the art technology. The powerful solar panel on the sloping top can be rotated 360° and aligned to whichever direction you require. Because of its contact-free control, the Solar Press-Shark is extremely user-friendly and hygienic.

The most important facts in a nutshell:

The volume of waste is compacted by 3 to 7 times. Thereby creating a total filling capacity of 450 to over 700 litres.

A coloured LED diode on the Shark indicates the fill level.

The solar cells are protected by hardened glass and always work off an optimum consumption of power due to the properties of this material.

The ashtray drawer is optional, if it is not used, a blank cover is mounted in its place. Its fire protection is ensured with an integrated automatic extinguishing system.

The Solar Press-Shark fits in beautifully with the Shark collection.
The Solar Press-Shark is installed in exactly the same way as the other Sharks.

Added benefit of a 3 mm thick stainless steel housing: Vandal-proof, easy to clean (even graffiti), flame retardant and rust free.

Caddy e-Move
Special Mobility, Netherlands

The Caddy e-Move is the first powered transport wheelchair. It can take two passengers in one ride.
At the way back it can take empty transport wheelchairs (called Caddy3).
We have developed a (patented) connection/ fixation device, so you move the Caddy's in a row.
When the Caddy is manually used, there is a safety break. When you let go the wheelchair, the break is on.

RS-GUIDESYSTEMS R. Scholz GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

New Product - Innovation in the world of modern barriers and queue management systems:
One Post = Double Barrier Distance in two directions!
One Post only - two directions of queue management and clever mobile barrying,
type depending between 8.00 and 18.00m of barrying distance.
Saves costs and space as less material is needed, but offers more output by dealing longer distances compared to the current one-post-one belt-solutions.
Applicable wherever needed: check-in, safety-check, boarding-area, waiting-areas, airfield, machineries, parking-zones, catering, customs-desks, etc..
Combines necessary queue management or safety-shutoffs with foc-advertising when applying individually printed tapes or accessories like sign-holders.
Compatible with almost all currently available barrier systems.
Utility patent protected by "Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt München No. 20.2015 000 992.1.

Type22, Netherlands

Since the launch of Scan&Fly 18 months ago, the Retro-fit Self Bag Drop (SBD) from Type22 is already installed at more than 15 airports worldwide and in use by more than 40 airlines. Among them are airports like Incheon Airport, Geneva Airport and Hong Kong International Airport and airlines like Lufthansa, AirAsia and Finnair. Many of them are expanding their installed base due to the outstanding performance and excellent passenger feedback.
Scan&Fly proved to be a very significant innovation in the airport industry: it was the first truly Retro-fit SBD solution on the market. The introduction of Scan&Fly contributed to revolutionizing the passenger process because its smart retrofit design proved crucial to make SBD available to all airports (affordable and without heavy changes to existing airport infrastructure), instead of only the Tier1 airports. Scan&Fly is designed with the passengers comfort in mind and has been awarded with the internationally renowned Red Dot award for its intuitive and exquisite design. The common-use interface makes Scan&Fly easy to use and allows passengers to check-in their own hold-baggage without having to queue. Scan&Fly is fully customizable; One- or Two-stop, or even a combined SBD process, payment or not - anything is possible.

AmpMiser 2.0 TM
Forbo Siegling GmbH, Germany

Amp MiserTM 2.0 – new generation of conveyor belts enables energy savings of up to 50%.

Amp MiserTM 2.0 is the second generation of energy-saving conveyor belts from Forbo Movement Systems for luggage and parcel handling.

The Amp MiserTM 2.0 belts feature cutting-edge tension members made of polyester and enhanced Texglide technology. As a result, the friction between the underside of the belt and the slider bed (therefore the energy consumption) are much lower. Compared with conveyor belts that have standard underside fabrics, up to 50 % of the energy required for power transmission can be saved in applications with long conveyors and heavy loads.

Ideal for galvanised slider beds

The Texglide finish on the underside fabric is an integral component of the Amp MiserTM belts and doesn’t rub off. The low friction coefficient is permanent. Amp MiserTM types are therefore ideal for use on galvanised slider beds. Due to the enhanced Texglide technology in Amp Miser 2.0, the fric-tion coefficient was halved compared with the previous types. In the case of galvanised slider beds it’s a consistent 0.15 and on non-galvanised steel approx. 0.1.

Cognitec Systems, Germany

FaceVACS-Entry, premier face recognition technology for border control applications, combines smart hardware for image acquisition with market-leading software for verification processes, and is ready for integration into electronic gates (eGates) at border control checkpoints.

The system detects the person’s face, adjusts the position of the cameras according to the person’s height and then captures best-quality images that guarantee high verification accuracy. The software instantly verifies the live images against biometric photos stored in passports, other ID documents and/or facial image databases.

A proprietary sensor, able to distinguish between human faces and artifacts like printed images and masks, detects presentation attacks.

The product can be installed onto the glass door of an eGate, with cameras and feedback monitor in walking direction and positioned at eye level. This innovative approach allows for a natural flow through the gate; users can look and move straight ahead. The monitor shows the live image of the person and can display user instructions for fast adjustments to the face position and image quality. The user-friendly approach guarantees optimal processing times; travelers can pass through the gate in less than 15 seconds.


Data quality for today and the future
The number of flights in Europe increases – the airspace stays the same. Navigation performance and safety depend on Aeronautical Data Quality (ADQ). International and EU regulations, like the commission regulation (EU) No 73/2010, require timely system deployment and operation for all aeronautical data, including aerodrome mapping data, obstacle data and terrain data. ADQ is demanding executive awareness as well as comprehensive workflows and data management. All actors in the aeronautical information delivery chain shall contribute to accuracy, resolution, integrity and traceability by a fully digital aeronautical data supply chain, ensuring high service quality and safety.

The Frequentis ADQ solution is a professional workflow and data quality management system connecting all data managers within and across units, and also different organisations. The workflow engine supports your business process and enforces the ADQ-compliant data verification covering the whole provisioning process. It ensures your process to follow codified, yet configurable, quality rules.

Liquid Controls, USA

FlightConnect is an automated data capture and management system that streamlines into-plane refuelling operations. FlightConnect collects the details of each refuelling and delivers them, wirelessly, into a simple spreadsheet (or your back office software). On the ramp, FlightConnect works as an interface on the electronic register (connected to the flowmeter on a refueller or hydrant dispenser), collecting data from every refuel and wirelessly transmitting that data to the office. In the office, FlightConnect works as an interface on your office computer, managing the data collected. FlightConnect collects metrological data (such as volume, start and finish times, flow rate, and differential pressure) and it collects refuelling data (such as tail number, refuelling location (gate), and aircraft type).

Interactive 3D Airport Visualization
3D Interaction Technologies GmbH, Germany

For the first time it is possible to create complete, photorealistic 3D models of airports, airport buildings or facilities containing all relevant machines, working spaces, media supply tubes etc. Thus, 3D:it brings together all necessary data from different planning programs efficiently into one single environment. All data is transformed into unique and high performant 3D:it models, that can be used on regular PCs and laptops. So users can explore products, future buildings or facilities virtual in the same manner like they are used to from their real world experience, much better than with static pictures or conventional video.
With the help of these visualizations newly constructed airports can be viewed and evaluated in a virtual audit or ORAT (e.g. flight and hygiene concepts, airport interior), even before they are actually build. This saves time, reduces mistakes and allows a faster commissioning. Concerns of potential customers can be eliminated fast and efficient by vividly showing relevant details and ideas.
When the airport is completed the virtual 3D model might be further used as 3D viewer for interactive passenger infopoints, as well as to monitor the flow of visitors or maintenance processes of the airport.

MOBIWORX Telematik GmbH, Germany

Safety first! Airfields and road infrastructures of airports are of highest security importance. Therefore you are in need of a proper overview of all your operating vehicles such as road sweepers, snow plowers or de-icing machines. The telematics solutions of MOBIWORX are collecting essential data about the exact position, variance analysis of sand and deicing fluids, ground temperature and speed of your units. The system generates automatically detailled mission-reports which can be reviewed from every internet competent device such as smartphones, tablets or desktop computers.
Without additional paperwork. All information is available shortly after the service mission. Via secured Internet and without elaborate software installation. Data that allows an end-to-end cost and performance accounting. Map overviews and analysis are automatically divided through the cost units. Even with a small budget, a sustainable cost management is ensured.

Due to the real-time solution of the MOBIDAT software, you are able to react on possible technical errors and malfunctions fast and effectively. Also you can generate verfiable and legally admissable records for all regulatory frameworks.

MOBIWORX telematics are vehicle-unbound and self-sufficient solutions, offering you high efficiency, safety as well as a solid relief of your operational tasks.

Scarecrow B.I.R.D. Tab
Scarecrow Bio-Acoustic Systems Limited, Great Britain

Launched in 2015, Scarecrow B.I.R.D. Tab is a fully integrated bird dispersal and data logging system, together with separate reporting software for the purpose of assisting Airport Operations Management analyse information to take action for the mitigation of bird strike risk.

Based on the successful Ultima product used in c100 airports worldwide, the data logging and reporting software has been totally re-written to incorporate a range of new features including the following:
Recording Attractants; Photographic evidence inclusion; Threat Analysis Dashboard Reports; Wizard type report request; Full filter request function.

The software now provides the ability to drill down to fine detail - so, for example, if an airport wants to view the historic data showing the different specie of wildlife activity, in any given airfield location, dependent on the weather, it can at the press of a few buttons - simply apply the correct filters, and the information is available. Armed with that information, informed decisions can then be taken for Wildlife Control activities to mitigate risk.

This is just one example - as an informed airport has every chance of being a safer airport, Scarecrow B.I.R.D. Tab should be a major asset in the battle against Bird Strike.

SideBull 2.0
BULMOR airground technologies, Austria

The number of Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PRM) at airports, especially elderly people with difficulties with walking longer distances or using passenger stairs at remote positions, is rapidly rising. This development challenges airports worldwide.

The SideBull ambulift isn’t just an adapted catering vehicle with windows. The SideBull was specifically designed for meeting the demands in PRM handling and boarding. Contrary to conventional scissor lifting vehicles, the SideBull can lower its passenger cabin fully to ground level, allowing for safe and comfortable boarding and deboarding of PRMs. The docking procedure is 70% faster because there are no stabilizers needed.

Based on customer feedback and support of several European airports, Bulmor developed the second generation of the SideBull during the past 2 years.

One of the significant improvements is the specifically designed axle suspension system for perfect driving comfort for passengers in wheelchairs. Another special feature is the combined front platform with integrated vertical lift and the railings positioned at the front which can be folded inwards. This construction allows for safest docking onto any type of aircraft, from wide body aircrafts to the smallest private jets.

For the first time, the new SideBull 2.0 will be officially presented at an exhibition.

LETG, LED elevated guard light
OCEM Airfield Technology, Italy

OCEM Airfield Technology is proud to introduce a new LED light for airport facilities, the LETG.


The new LETG (Led Elevated Taxiway & or Runway Guard light), which replaces the previous LRGL (released 2 years ago), is an Elevated LED signal positioned at the runway entrance. The new product has a galvanic insulation of the signal's internal components ensuring maximum safety and protection from high over voltage.


As with every OCEM product, we guarantee high performance in terms of duration as well as excellent compatibility with older installed systems. Moreover, its software allows you to select the instant switch on and the brightness adjustment regulation of the signal.


Compared to the market alternatives, the new LETG is composed of a single block with a degree of protection equal to IP67. It offers the possibility of a power supply in series and splitters.
Finally, the last added value is given by its easy monitoring: air controller can monitor lamp failure directly from the tower thanks to the built-in smart detector.

General Engineering Stand

Our General Engineering Stands can be used for inspection and maintenance for both narrow body and wide body aircrafts reaching almost any height and any place.
It has a low load height adjusting mechanism regardless of the stand size including unbreakable and impeccable safety system which doesn’t allow user to make an error.
Using aluminum strut profiles creates light weight but the strongest structure among the industry's similar products. Strut profiles also creates flexibility to produce different size engineering stands with same features which help users to use same knowledge for different stands and spend their valuable time and attention to actual work. Our system of design and strut profile usage makes our stand almost maintenance free.
It is possible to make extension or extraction if user needs to modify the stand for a special purpose some time after purchase without using special tooling, welding or fabrication kind of work with some simple instructions. Our stands don’t require welding work to produce therefore they are interchangeable within some limits. Corrosion resistance aluminum profile extend the life cycle of the stand and explained design features creates the opportunity of industry’s first take-back policy for such products.

TIPS d.o.o., Slovenia

Maybe not the way to the stars but definitely the new way to the aircraft!
Our new stair PS2438TPE provide an ideal solution, totally powered by electric motors driving screws that raise and lower as needed. Energy is draws from an internal battery that may be charges overnight for next day operation but also charges via solar panels reducing operation costs and prolonging battery life and more importantly the period of active operation.
Unique amongst GSE products this is the only unit that has absolutely no hydraulic parts. Maintenance, as a result, is reduced to a minimum.
No exhaust, a low carbon footprint, less moving parts, TIPS model PS2438TPE does not require immense thinking to be your choice!

RR Apron Lighting
Reglerbau Radebeul GmbH, Germany

Design Selection

Application of base technology developed 1930s by use of parabolic mirrors with high-performance bulbs.
Optimization of physical limitations "lamp size – light intensity – glare effect".

Innovative Features

Optimized LED radiation by specific parabolic mirror for illuminating large areas.
Parabolic mirror covers entire LED radiation completely usable for output beam.
Collimated beam converted by special scattering lenses in any light distribution. The scattering lenses are generated in a specific manufacturing process.
Reduction in power consumption by using highly efficient COB-elements.
Maximum LED efficiency due to application-specific cooling system.
Light distribution can be adjusted for lighting situation (symmetric and asymmetric). Compensation of the distance-dependent decrease in illumination.
Application-oriented programming compensates aging effects of LEDs.
Compact and lightweight housing allows mounting on existing high poles.

Advantages of the Innovative Design

- Improved efficiency by COB with parabolic mirror
- Lighting control through application-oriented scattering lenses
- Scattering lenses in a specific manufacturing process
- Thermal management for maximum utilization of LED efficiency
- Compensation of LED aging by free programmable configuration
- Reduced glare due to asymmetric light distribution
- Use of existing poles due to low static loads
- Improved efficiency through reduced power consumption
- Improved CO2-balance

EBITS LLP, Great Britain

The EBITS AvR.eMobile system is the first complete mobile vehicle refuelling solution providing a paperless interface for into plane operators. The system is uniquely compatible with the IATA e-fuelling standards, with connectivity through a compatible hub enabling full communication of fuel order and fuelling progress between the cockpit and fuelling vehicle. Placing the information at the fingertips of both the pilot and fuel hand, minimises turnaround time and delay.

Accuracy of data is assured with complete airport schedule and flight data being downloaded and direct connectivity to the meters on the vehicles assuring accurate meter records, with the entry of temperature, density, differential pressure and flow rate all possible.

Incorporating Digital signature capture the operation has a direct replacement of paper tickets. The paperless concept can be extended further to other documentation e.g. vehicle log, clean and clear, with retrieval through the AvR.eFuelling aviation refuelling systems document library.

For the airlines that still require paper tickets a lightweight portable printer creates the ticket for the captain.

As tablet is ATEX Class 1 division 2 it can be used all across the apron.

Interior Aircraft heater AH42
ERRI AB, Sweden

A major step achieved by ERRI in 2015 was to fulfill UL / CSA approval of Interior Aircraft Heater AH42.
In parallel we have raised the quality of fan efficiency to achieve the strongest NEMA Premium demands for US/Canadian market, comparable to EISA-EI 3 in CE markets.
All those developments comes to decrease running costs for the customer.
In addition to all those important improvements, ERRI introdue a great new feature; The remote monitoring and control capability via our web site which enable all subscribed users to monitor the operational mode, system status and alarms of their heaters even to remote start or stop.
This means that any authorized operator at any airport using his laptop, tablet or even smart phone, can start / stop and monitor in real time all heaters under his authority to see heater’s operational status and current / historical errors.
For those of our customers in administrative position, they can even se more information related to eg. their heater power consumption & working hours. Also the ‘’SMS alert’’ feature is an extended feature which our customers can have, so the technician on duty can receive an sms on his mobile phone informing him status.

Pulsar 7 E
MULAG Fahrzeugwerk GmbH u. Co. KG, Germany

Container pallet transporter with innovative fully electric drive train

Details of the electric drive:

- provides CO2 emission-free operation for environmentally friendly applications
- direct drive with electric hub motors (no efficiency loss through hydrostatic drive)
- low operating noise levels meet restrictive noise pollution regulations
- economical operating costs compared to Diesel engines
- optimised weight distribution, battery positioned on both sides of the vehicle
- subjectively the same operationability as a Diesel vehicle (same controls, similar driving behavior etc.), thus well suited for mixed use in a fleet with Diesel vehicles because no additional operator training is needed

General details of the container pallet transporter:

- handles easily cargo up to 7 tons
- LD and MD container pallets as well special sized pallets up to 5640 mm (196")
- loads/unloads cargo from both sides
- integrated finger loading system for dollies
- transport platform divided into 2 separate sections for individual operation

The Pulsar 7 E combines over 50 years of MULAG know-how in designing and manufacturing GSE with an innovative electrical drive train concept. This new vehicle concept was already extensively field-tested and is now ready for serial production.

ACO Severin Ahlmann GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Efficient water purification

The ACO Oleosmart-PR-C-NST is the perfect solution to fulfill challenging requirements with regard to high inflow rates and large sludge volumes. After the waste water enters the separator, it is conveyed straight downwards via a baffle and then divided into three streams in the coalescence channel. This division results in a noticeable reduction of turbulence, thus enhancing the separation process. Perforated plates which cause different flows and flow changes are installed perpendicularly to the direction of flow in the coalescence channel. Hereby inherent coalescence - oil droplets merging - is promoted, and coalescence takes place on the perforated plates. After the separation process is completed, the light liquids accumulate on the water surface and the sediments sink into the optimized sludge trap.
With this innovative product ACO meets the growing challenges of climate change, water shortages and legal environmental regulations with high-performance, green-minded products in the field of separator technology for economical and ecologically sustainable water protection.

Runway Snow Blower TV 1000 PL
Øveraasen AS, Norway

The ØVERAASEN TV 1000 Performance Line is a self propelled runway snow blower made for heavy duty snow clearing tasks able to handle any type of snow with depths from 1 - 2000 cm
and capacities up to 8000 to/hr in one run operation.

The innovation:
The TV 1000 snow blower offers with a "Flying Cab" entry in a new area of snow blowing technology with solutions of tomorrows requirements - The individual positioning of the drivers cab combined with high comfort and safety features.
Conventional snowblowers had only a fix position of the cab, which always has been a compromise for the driver in terms of optimal fiew, driving comfort and safety during operation on runways and taxiways.
New future:
With the new innovative cabin positioning system, the cab can be positioned where it needs to be depending on the work task: In front of the blowing chute to ensure optimal fiew without any snow spill on the wind shield or behind the blowing chute during transfer and snow overloading works. HIgh safety and driver comfort due to low vibrations makes the unit unique in its class due to clever implemented technical details never seen and experienced before.

FLAT-Light Runway & TaxiwayGuidanceSign
All About Signs BV, Netherlands

First and only from C2C to CO2 neutral designed and patented (edge-light with light-emitting plate) runway- and taxiway guidance sign. Discriminating factors and advantages versus existing old fashioned box models:
1) Proven strength of the solid compact sandwich construction, only 8 centimeters thickness. Apparently only the All About Signs innovative concept can withstand the blast of all new aircraft and the damage risk of snow and ice removing activities.
2) Unique edge-light energy saving concept that uses only 7 Watts per meter length, whereby the possibility of renewable energy becomes feasible, pending on the “global position” of the airport. The solar powered system operates independently of AGL circuits.
3) As the first and only IP 65 certified TGS, (no moist and dust inside), maintenance free except outside cleaning.
4) Designed in line with the Cradle to Cradle principles. Major airports in the Middle East as well as in Europe showed their interest by ordering or positioning pilots on their airports.
5) ICAO, EASA, STANAG and FAA compliant.

DAMMANN KSi integral
Herbert Dammann GmbH, Germany

Sprayer for jet runway sweepers
Dammann GmbH invented a sprayer that provides the installation in a runway sweeper. This model has been developed by de-icing-experts in collaboration with the norwegian company Overaasen. The sprayer is capable of clearing the surface and preventing it from icing at the same time. It features the possibility of building a connection to the control room for an easy transmission of important information. The advanced nozzle technology makes it possible to adjust the tank capacity and spraying width due to the option of changing the working width. The operation of (the) different devices is intentionally very simple and kept easy to maintain to ensure a pleasant and simple operating. That makes it easy to perform preprogrammed tasks nearly automatically. The low number of required machines for de-icing contributes to the simplification of the working progress and the reduction of operation costs, staff costs and costs of acquisition.

LAWECO Maschinen- u. Apparatebau GmbH, Germany

Electric Powered Equipment for handling pallets and containers - LAWECO`s GREEN LINE started with the 7t - Highloader and continues with the unique loader - transporter:
The CMLT 3.7-3.6 - GREEN LINE is equipped with two electric 20 kW motors, a strong 80V/300 Amps Hoppecke FNC-T Battery and on-board battery charger. The especially high availability and safety results from the perfect combination of the mechanical system, a real mobile-hydraulic system and the innovative CANcontrol system. The GREEN LINE technology is environment friendly with its optimized energy consumption and reduces operation and maintenance costs of the handling companies dramatically.

Electric hydrant dispenser
Nuova Manaro s.r.l., Italy

Nuova Manaro is proud to showcase the prototype of our electric hydrant dispenser, a product entirely conceived, designed and assembled in our facilities, from the chassis to the outfitting.
The cabin is provided with air conditioning, a multifunction digital dashboard with interlocks indicator and power assisted steering.
With its 8 hour charging system, a speed of 25 (± 5) km/h, a 15° gradeability and a maximum range of 50 Km, this new hydrant dispenser will perform its duties in a revolutionary manner, guaranteeing at the same time the maximum efficiency, reliability and the utmost respect for environmental sustainability.

Airport Fire Fighting Vehicle Z6
Albert Ziegler GmbH, Germany

A new addition to our largest trucks: The Z-Class is completed now by the new Z6.

Compact from the outside, the Z6 offers an extremely efficient use of space. The wide doors and spacious cab provide ideal ergonomic working conditions for the crew, even if they are wearing full gear. And the large windows offer outstanding visibility.

We are also very proud to introduce your our brandly new High Reach Extendable Turret (HRET) Z-Attack. The Z-Attack is equipped in Z6, designed by our own and produced at the factory in Giengen/Germany. Available with a maximum range up to 20m, delivery rate reaches 6000 l / min. Also available for the optional delivery of additional extinguishing agents (powder, CAFS). More than these, it's also fully equipped with the accurate position indicator on the display. All of these ensure an extremely powerful and robust fire fighting force.


Welcome to our outdoor stand C24 to enjoy an unique experience of the best quality airport fire fighting and rescue vehicles!

O.P.C. (Obstacle Proximity Control)

The new O.P.C. system specifically designed for Power Shift TRANSFLUID Transmission.
With safety in mind, this unique system offers vehicle manufacturers new anti-collision capabilities. By using distance sensors mounted on the vehicles front and rear bumpers, the O.P.C. interfaces with the power shift transmission providing operator-free, uncompromised, speed and brake control.
The O.P.C. system mandates automatic extremely low speeds when the vehicle is in close proximity to any object allowing the operator to concentrate on maneuvering and positioning. Several speed limits can be set, to accomplish different speed limit zones, simply achievable by engaging and disengaging Transmission clutches during inching mode operation. If a collision is imminent, the O.P.C. immediately reacts putting the transmission in neutral and fully engaging the hydraulically operated brake to stop the vehicle and to prevent costly accidents and personal injury.
The heart of the system is Transfluid MPCB controller with dedicated and programmable software. The MPCB has multiple e-stop and e-inch inputs that can be used to slow or stop the vehicle for other functions such as a vacant operator seat or if machine implement is operating during transportation.

Aerolaser Groundflex
Bird Control Group, Netherlands

The Aerolaser Groundflex offers airports a solution to control bird hotspots based on an integrated approach between hardware, software and service. The components of the Aerolaser Groundflex are of the highest international standards to ensure a mission critical operation. This results in a highly innovative and effective system.

The principle of repelling birds with a laser beam is inspired by nature. Birds perceive the approaching laser beam as a physical object. It appeals to the survival instinct, causing the birds to fly away. The continuous presence of the moving laser beam keeps areas free of birds, 24 hours a day.

Why choose the Aerolaser Groundflex:
- 24 / 7 prevention of bird presence at hotspots
- Easy to deploy in every desired situation
- Safe for aviation, humans and birds
- No external power source is needed

Blastrac 2-30DTM Truck Mounted System
BLASTRAC, Netherlands

The Blastrac 2-30DTM truck mounted system is a multifunctional and hydrostatically driven
machine. Due to the fact that the 2-30DTM can fit several attachments, it gives the user a lot of flexibility to satisfy the needs of the job in hand whatever they may be, shotblast or scarify, all are possible with the Blastrac 2-30DTM.

Work functions are carried out by the machine operator working from an enclosed cab from where he is able to control all the important processes, with one user friendly touch screen.

The 2-30DTM has an effective and very powerful on-board dust collection system. Together with the big bag system, which collects airborne particulate and contaminants such as paint, surface residues and debris it’s a guaranteed solution for dust free, safe and highly efficient operation.

The Blastrac 2-30DTM has side shift, to enable the machine to operate in close proximity to an edge on either side of the machine. The 2-30DTM is especially developed to treat big surfaces, such as runways, roads, highways and bridges from within a safe, ergonomic and comfortable work space.

Applied Turbine Technologies ApS, Denmark

The Zirocco road cleaner and dryer brings turbine technology and state-of-art mobile electronic controls into surface treatment in the runway and road maring industry.

The Product
The ATT Zirocco runway & road dryer runs on diesel fuelled 75 kw micro-turbine. The micro-turbine has an output of 50 cubic metres of airflow per minute at up to 650 degrees Celsius. The machine is extremely effective for drying runways and roads, removing black ice from tunnels and bridges.

UFA, Inc., USA

ATVehicle is a highly realistic driving simulator to support the airside driver training requirements for Air Navigation Services and Airport Operators. With its photorealistic and detailed environments ATVehicle is an innovative training solution to enable a full range of real life scenarios. Whether using it for initial airside driver training to familiarize current drivers with the airport, its aircraft and vehicle movements, newly built or planned airport areas to simulate different kind of weather conditions to reduce the risks of incidents in real life, ATVehicle is the ideal solution. More advanced team incident training is also supported to enhance coordination between Air Traffic Control, First Responders and Incident Commanders.

ATVehicle is easy to setup, operates on low-cost standard PC based hardware and is simple to use. In combination with ATVoice® the real life experience increases by adding realistic radio traffic chatter from other aircraft/vehicles in the simulation exercise and air traffic control.

Accelerated polysulphide joint sealant
EUROTEAM construction chemicals, Germany

EUROLASTIC TC30G traffic polysulphide sealant is the first fast-acting and curing joint sealant to receive national technical approval from the German Institute of Building Technology (DIBt) for joint renovation in vehicle and air traffic areas.
This fast-acting polysulphide joint sealant is suitable for both renovation and new construction. Thanks to its two-component system, it is distinguished by rapid application properties and short curing time, resulting in short block-off times. At a temperature of +20 °C and a relative humidity of 50 %, EUROLASTIC TC30G traffic is fully cured within 260 minutes and may be traversed again with pneumatic and vulcanized tyres. Due to these properties, EUROLASTIC TC30G traffic is the ideal sealant for special applications in road construction and air traffic areas.
In addition, this joint sealant has all of the features that distinguish a polysulphide. It is chemical resistant, self-levelling, locally repairable and cold vulcanizing, enabling the interfaces in partial renovations or repairs to bond quickly and permanently. It also exhibits high resistance to UV, weathering and ageing. At temperatures below freezing, it retains its elasticity and remains tack-free, even at high temperatures. Different primers for substrate preparation and adhesion improvement ensure problem-free installation on diverse substrates.

LineLazer IV 250DC (Dual Color)
Graco, Belgium

Airless painting technology is primarily known for its speed of application. In combination with sharp and crisp line definition, Graco’s range of innovative LineLazer systems ensure high quality jobs within the most efficient timeframe.

The LineLazer IV 250DC (Dual Color) provides you with ultimate programmability in striping and layout modes and allows you to spray two colors at the same time (e.g. High Light Lines). Equipped with programmable guns, both Graco's LineLazer IV 250 units (SPS and DC) allow you to spray skip lines automatically without the hassle of spray cans. LineLazer IV 250DC provides you with ultimate programmability in striping and layout modes. Equipped with programmable guns, the LineLazer IV 250 DC unit allows you to spray skip lines automatically without the hassle of spray cans.

Features and benefits:
Programmable smart control
Automatic and manual Gun Control
Dual Graco Hydraulic Motors
Dual Graco piston pumps
Dual 55-Liters Paint Hoppers
Self propelled with stand-on platform
Pressurized Bead System


EVPath™ is a Visible, portable, non-slip roll-out polyester Pedestrian Evacuation Mat. It is an efficient way to set up a firm temporary walkway at the bottom of evacuation slides or underneath aircraft wings to enhance access by passengers as well as Rescue and Firefighting Services. It also provides mobility, in snow, mud and poor visibility conditions.
Ground mat lighting: For a better visibility the EVPath™ edges are made with retro-reflective lines on both sides.
Bright Color for Greater Visibility: Most aircraft incidents occur during bad weather conditions or at night. EVPath™ is available in RED or BLUE colors to contrast with snow, mud and grass.
Lightweight for Quick Installation: The EVPath™ polyester surfacing weighs 0.27 lb/sq.ft. and is light enough for two people to rapidly carry and deploy it manually within minutes.
Easily Connected: EVPath™ mats are rapidly connected using X-shaped connectors. They can be dismantled and reassembled in seconds to accommodate rapid operational requirements.
Robust and Weather Resistant: The EVPath’s patented 3-D surface follows ground contour without permanent deformation. Made of Made of 100% recycled polyester, the EVPath™ is porous and its corrugated surface resists weather conditions, from -40°F to + 176°F.

Bird Collision Avoidance System - BCAS
Volacom, Bulgaria

The Bird Collision Avoidance System (BCAS) is developed, patented and produced by Volacom in order to solve one of the biggest safety problems in the aviation industry - bird strikes. The solution of the problem is complex, because it requires a bird control system to which the birds cannot habituate and simultaneously it is diverse effective and causes no harassment to the birds.
In order to develop such system Volacom has been working in cooperation with professionals and scientists from different areas, such as biology, neuroscience, applied engineering, physics and software development. Thus, a completely new approach for bird control was used, which includes detection, recognition, monitoring, data logging of bird activities and a deflection, performed with the Acoustic Startle Reflex (ASR) method. It is only through this unique combination of techniques and methods that the BCAS is able to accomplish more than 90% efficiency in the solution of the problem.
This revolutionary combination of techniques is completely new for the market and in combination with its successful performance, there is a certain proof that the BCAS is highly innovative product.

Schmidt Green TJS-C Volvo Dumper
Aebi Schmidt Deutschland GmbH, Germany

The TJS-C is a Towed Jet Sweeper (compact), which is made for fast and effective clearing of runways, taxiways and aprons. High working speed and manoeuvrability are the key issues of these machines. The combination is equipped with a snow plough in the front, a broom in the middle and a powerful blower at the rear to ensure that snow, ice, slush and water are almost completely being removed.
In partnership with the Volvo Group and Swedavia, Aebi Schmidt started a project to develop the Green TJS-C, which is powered by Volvo engines fuelled by a mixture of biogas and biodiesel. The goal of the project was to reduce the carbon footprint considerably. With the help of special software it is possible to drive the engines with biogas up to 85%. The Green TJS-C can operate without refuelling for over six hours and depending upon snow quantity and density, it can work at a speed of up to 50 km/h. After several years of testing a first prototype and some further improvements on e.g. off-gas treatment according to EuroMot IV and the design of the gas tanks, Aebi Schmidt will now introduce this new carbon-neutral machine to the airport community.

Liquid Controls, USA

FlightConnect is a into-plane refuelling system that captures metrological, aircraft, scheduling, and fueling data with an electronic meter register on the refueller or hydrant dispenser. After each refuelling, FlightConnect transmits the data to the office wirelessly. The data can be uploaded into any accounting or fuel management software.

FlightConnect streamlines the refuelling workflow, allowing planes to get out of the gate as quickly as possible. FlightConnect removes the need for hand-written-tickets, which can take a long time to fill out and extend refuelling times, and manual data entry. There are no 3rd party handheld devices required, which keeps the number of system components to a minimum, and there are no 'per transaction' fees.

COBUS Industries GmbH, Germany

E.cobus – green passenger transport technology

COBUS Industries GmbH has developed in cooperation with SIEMENS, the trend-setting concept of the first electric airfield bus manufactured in line-production: the E.cobus.
The E.cobus, successfully combines the outstanding features of the world market leader COBUS 3000 with a proven power-train, efficient accumulators and a high-performance charging technology.

As a result, the innovative concept stands for:
- high degree of availability
- energy costs lower by 75 % compared to diesel or gas-fuelled buses,
- minimum maintenance cost,
- emission-free operation,
- attractive interior design for optimum passenger convenience.

The core piece of the drive system is the water-cooled electric drive motor, proven and tested in thousands of trolley and hybrid buses which reaches an efficiency of approx. 90%.
The battery packs are roof-mounted to preserve the maximum available space for passengers.
The batteries can be charged using the on-board charger connected to a socket or, on an alternative basis, using the external quick charger.
In addition the brake system features a recuperative design. As soon as the driver brakes, the motor starts acting as a generator and charges the batteries.

E.cobus by COBUS Industries - our masterpiece of innovation

Gecko Mini Hydrant Dispenser
Refuel International, Australia

Refuelling aircraft is a very significant process at any airport and the constant demand for quick turnaround time, cost savings and maintaining a work safe environment are the top criteria for our customers. And with the understanding that there is a gap in the market for efficient fuelling equipment of narrowbody aircraft, Refuel International has designed and developed the Gecko, a Mini Hydrant Dispenser to meet the requirement.

Gecko offers three different height fixed work-decks and hydraulics are removed to reduce complexity. With simplified procedures, it enables faster turnaround time. Gecko also aids in de-cluttering the tarmac space due to its mobility.

One of a major design enhancement is the integration of a new electrical system 'OCTO'. It focuses on easy maintenance and simplified installation for equipment operators, and is the only system in the industry with IECEX and ATEX certification. OCTO provides comprehensive management of the equipment, and is a solution that improves serviceability and safety, while maximising productivity and reducing costs for customers. The leading benefit of OCTO is that it helps operators distinguish between user error and a genuine system fault, hence reducing downtime. Other improvements include installation of a hose lifting mechanism to remove manual handling.

FMT Aircraft Gate Support Systems AB, Sweden

APIS R - Advanced Visual Docking Guidance System with Aircraft Individual Identification.

FMT has developed and patented a new technology to identify the aircraft's individual registration number (tail number). This new technology provides all relevant information about an approaching aircraft in order to give a 100% correct confirmation that the presetting for the stand is correct. In addition, the aircraft individual registration number contains a great amount of useful information for airport stakeholders and airline operators that can be used for optimizing other processes outside the docking process.

There has been a request from different airport stakeholders to have an approaching aircraft to be 100% confirmed by the docking systems according to the pre-planned schedule and stand planning. With the exception of APIS R, all other AVDGS systems on the market today have limitations and cannot identify each and every aircraft in terms of the specific aircraft type, series and configuration.

This makes FMT's patented innovation a very successful product for the airport market.

Passenger Boarding Bridge Interface
Hübner GmbH&Co KG, Germany

The Passenger Boarding Bridge Interface (PBB-Interface) is a connection module between the passenger bridge and the aircraft fuselage that consists of a frame, a tilt adapter mechanism with integrated canopy and a sliding floor element. The improved sealing functionality of this system allows for significant energy savings in comparison with the connecting elements of existing passenger boarding bridges. The orientation of the passenger boarding bridge cabin to the aircraft occurs through a rotation of the complete module including the folding canopy. The combination of this rotational function with the action of the flexible sliding floor element allows for optimal docking of the passenger boarding bridge at the aircraft fuselage. This makes for excellent sealing performance which achieves better insulation between the interior space of the bridge and aircraft and the outside atmosphere. The PBB-Interface can be individually modified and adjusted to the specific requirements of airport operators. Retrofitting on existing passenger boarding bridges is also possible.

TEST-FUCHS GmbH, Austria

Innovative with lemon juice

Eco-friendly maintenance: WALICLEAN

Cleaning the aircraft’s toilet systems has always been time-consuming and complex. In the past different maintenance methods were applied several times a year to achieve the undisturbed functioning of the aircraft’s toilet system. Currently the toilet systems have to be cleaned with chemicals, high-pressure water and highly concentrated acids to remove the scale in the tubes. The highly aggressive acids have to be stored at considerable costs. The ambition of the innovative cleaning system WALICLEAN is to improve the work process and to reduce costs significantly.

WALICLEAN is based on a simple principle: a solution of standard citric acid and warm water circulates through the aircraft’s waste line with system compatible negative pressure. After the successful cleaning process the toilet system is rinsed with clear water. Austrian Airlines estimates that working with the new WALICLEAN cleaning method has saved approximately 7,165 litres of chemicals annually. Today 2,100 kg of environmentally friendly standard citric acid is used instead of aggressive chemicals. As a result, the environment is not harmed, employees are protected and storage, transportation and disposal conditions of aggressive chemicals have disappeared.

Ambulift PRML
Olivero Gianpaolo & C. S.a.s., Italy

PRML 4-6 is an innovating self-propelled electric powered vehicle especially designed for safe, quick and easy transfer and boarding of PRM on aircraft, whether on wheelchair or stretcher.

If compared with traditional “ambulift”, PRMLs distinguishes thanks to several innovations:
Suited both for “Executive” jets and for long haul aircraft, it fits any airplane door thanks to the lifting system and to the extension of the gangway: one vehicle is suitable for all aircraft.
• Operations through a Joystick for an easy use, no need truck driving license.
• Spacious in its compact dimensions: up to 4 PRM wheelchair (or 2 stretchers) + 2 attendants.
• No stabilizers needed, therefore driving is possible when cabin is lifted.
• Access in the cabin from ground (both PRM and attendants).
• Driver’s seat inside the cabin with the passengers: a single-operator can drive the platform and attend to the passengers.
• High comfort thanks to the closed cabin and glass windows, seat, carpet, or any other accessory required by the customer.
Cheap in purchasing, economic in using, environment friendly (electric powered - hybrid on request), extremely simple and reduced maintenance.

Oilex GmbH, Germany

Oilex is an organic binder which is able to absorb all kinds of oil, fuels, chemicals, blood, etc. very quickly and effectively.
Oilex is universally applicable on water, asphalt or on the ground and is used to combat impurities and environmental catastrophes.
The natural fiber is not toxic, it has no negative effect on the environment and it can be disposed of without any problems.
• Oilex has a degree of absorption of up to 100%
• Can hold up to a 3-fold of its own weight
• When reusing, up to 8 times is possible
• With only 140grams/liter, Oilex is extremely lightweight, economical and easy to handle
• encloses absorbed substances, even under pressure
• buoyant
• hydrophobic
For applications on wet surfaces the performance of Oilex is even higher.

AXA 2400 Power Coil
ITW GSE, Denmark

The AXA 2400 Power Coil is the aesthetic power solution and includes a 90 kVA Solid-state GPU and Cable Coil – in one enclosure! It offers a highly reliable robust design including a front plate in stainless steel. The Power Coil has an improved intelligent cable guidance system ensuring easy and smooth cable handling, with up to 28 m cable (24m as standard). The cable is rolled completely into the housing after use. The rolling automatically stops when the plug head reaches the lower edge of the unit thus leaving the apron nice and neat. The AXA 2400 Power Coil provides unique voltage quality at the plug due to ITW GSE’s unique patented Plug & Play compensation system. Quick installation is ensured as it comes fully tested from the factory. The Power Coil is based on the ITW GSE design providing all performance features from the well-known AXA 2400 Compact GPU, i.e. the unique voltage quality and 400% overload at output. It is equipped with the smart ITW GSE user interface. Software can be updated via USB. The Power Coil also includes standard overload capabilities that match all types of aircrafts even those requiring PF 1 like the B787/A350/A380.

Titan LED Apron Projector
Midstream Lighting, Great Britain

This innovative LED projector has been designed specifically for Apron illumination purposes, including a specialist proprietary optic lens system, unique to this product range. There have been a number of design iterations of this product based on various live trials at numerous airports.

The product is used to replace high mast lighting by reducing the energy demand of the system by over 50% and increasing the light levels and colour rendering index. The LED system was successfully installed at Glasgow Airport in 2014 which gave over 60% energy savings and doubled the light levels.

When compared to traditional lighting technology, the LED system has a financial payback of 3 years or less. It also requires little or no maintenance for a period of 10 years or more.

This product can replace all Sodium and Metal Halide lighting in Airports and significantly reduce energy demand and increase safety and security of staff and passengers.

MARWIS - Mobile Runway Weather Sensor
G. Lufft Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH, Germany

MARWIS is a mobile road weather information sensor, which reliably and professionally measures road conditions and environmental data. Directly installed at the vehicle, the intelligent sensor measures 100 times per second – at any place and any time.

Measurement data transfer on every road:
MARWIS is suitable for operations at meteorological services, airports, road administrations and many more institutions. Especially at airports, measuring data is important for operative decisions. MARWIS serves as a tool for early preparations when critical weather conditions are expected.

Evaluation of measured data within seconds:
MARWIS collects weather data as relative humidity above of the road surface, dew point temperature and various road conditions as dry, humidity, moistness, ice/snow, critical moisture and ice percentage as well as friction.

Robust and weatherproof trough the traffic:
The robust measurement unit has been adapted to the requirements of mobile measuring and reliability under extreme conditions, too. MARWIS copes with polluted streets and different surface layers (asphalt, cement) without special calibration and resists vibrations during usage in cold winters. Aggressive chemicals (e.g. liquid defroster) are no problem for the sensor. The sensor can be easily removed, cleaned and reinserted.

SMV Sitz- & Objektmöbel GmbH, Germany

With MANHATTAN HighBack you can create innovative room-in-room solutions with a classical design. It protects you against ambient disturbing noises and provides a visual privacy. Additionally, MANHATTAN HighBack is equipped with excellent fire prevention qualities. Besides, we show that high flame resistance means no deductions in design and comfort. Because security is a matter of confidence it is checked by independent test institutes on fire prevention and acoustic qualities as well as product saftey and stability (GS-certificated). You have the possibility to combine a single, two and three seater individually. This enables you to create innovative and different combinations in all areas. The wide range of easy-care and robust upholstery fabrics and colours allows you to develop zones due to the corporate image and design and the surrounding environment.
All in all: MANHATTAN HighBack is an innovative lounge furniture that combines safety aspects like fire prevention and stabilty as well as acoustic effectiveness. The great choice of fabrics underlines the individual and personalized character of this furniture. It ensures relaxation and reflects the brand and culture of the airport environment.

Exel Carbon Composite Glide Path Tower
Exel Composites Oyj, Finland

Exel Composites has recently launched totally new kind of Glide Path Tower, where carbon fiber composites are utilized as construction material.
Carbon fiber's absolute features compared to metals, low weight and unique rigidity, have now been combined with quick and easy setup, bringing outstanding ROI for airports and systems integrators coupled with international safety regulations, providing improved aviation safety also for Instrumental Landing System (ILS) applications

The innovative structure of the carbon GP towers makes them break as easily as those made of glass fiber, which is currently widely used at the airports. Most importantly, the unique stiffness of carbon fiber ensures minimum deflection as high stability is required of tall structures used for Instrument Landing Systems.

All composite structures are fully compliant with ICAO and FAA frangibility ruling, ensuring the highest safety and the best performance for demanding conditions.

CAST NightOwl Perimeter Lighting System
CAST Lighting, LLC., USA

CAST Night Owl Perimeter Lighting System is the only fence-mounted perimeter lighting system capable of on-demand switching between Infrared (IR) and Visible Light. Not every scenario calls for visible light, and sometimes time is needed to move response assets into place. Night Owl provides choices and flexibility in any intrusion situation. Constructed of the highest quality materials, this safe low-voltage system is easily installed, and provides reliable IR or Visible illumination directed on or around the fence line where it's needed, significantly improving the effectiveness of night vision-capable CCTV systems.
Night Owl can be integrated with sophisticated monitoring systems, and activate upon predetermined triggering events.

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