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Industrial Brush Manufacturers is operating under the brand name TecSolum. This is a combination of ‘technology’ – TEC, which indicates our modern and advanced production technologies, and SOLUM (a Latin word), which means a strong base.

This base is constituted by the shareholder companies’ many years of experience in this business area, modern machine park, as well as a group of employees – managers, specialists, engineers and operators, dedicated to perform at their best for the benefit of the customers and the company.

Industrial Brush Manufacturers is an international B2B enterprise, involved in the production of a wide range of brushes for cleaning surfaces, such as roads, runways and others.

Products & Services

BorraTec® Airport Cassettes

Airport cassettes with TecSolum BorraTec® technology offer an ideal solution for even the toughest conditions, effectively removing snow and ice from runways. TecSolum offers the widest range of airport brushes: Aluminum cassettes filled with crimped wire for brush cores for machines produced by Øveraasen, Fresia, Bucher Schörling, Zaugg and JetBroom-Boschung. Plastic cassettes filled with crimped wire or PP (polypropylene) for brush cores for machines manufactured by Øveraasen, Schmidt, Vammas, Fresia, BucherSchörling, Zaugg and JetBroom-Boschung.

More information about our products you will find here: https://tecsolum.com/airport-brushes.html

inter airport Europe Product Categories

  • Runway friction testing and de-icing
  • Maintenance (e.g. sweepers, mowers)
  • Winter service equipment

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Industrial Brush Manufacturers Sp. z o.o.
ul. Polna 21a, Komorniki
55-300 Sroda Slaska, Poland

Tel: +48 71 396-04-60
Fax: +48 71 396 04 62

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