Shanghai Hongqiao to offer completely automated check-in and boarding services for domestic departures


25 October 2018

Terminal 1 (T1) at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (SHA) in China became the first in the country to offer completely automated check-in and boarding services for domestic departures on 15 October 2018 after more than three years of renovation. The terminal now serves domestic flights run by Shanghai-based Spring Airlines, along with international flights by other airlines. A total of 28 self check-in machines and 18 sets of self baggage drop counters have taken over the boarding process for passengers on Spring Airlines’ domestic flights, according to airport operator, the Shanghai Airport Authority. The machines can print boarding passes and baggage claim tags, allowing travellers to scan their ID cards, obtain their boarding passes and check in luggage by themselves. The boarding process is complete after the passengers pass the security check, which is also automated. It includes data analysis and facial recognition, which will take about 12 seconds to complete. Facial recognition and ID card scanning for boarding will take only seconds. Wang Zhijie, president of Spring Airlines, said that compared with traditional check-in procedures, the self-service system saves passengers from having to rush between different counters for various services. But Wang said the company will offer help to passengers if they are not familiar with the self-service system. He said the software systems for the self check-in and the self-service luggage drop counter were developed independently by Spring Airlines’ information technology team, and the self-service boarding machines were developed jointly by the budget carrier and Hongqiao airport. The automation facilities are part of a terminal refurbishment project that started in December 2014. The project also includes the renovation of the terminal’s traffic facilities and surrounding infrastructure, according to Dai Xiaojian, vice chairman of the Shanghai Airport Authority. In addition to the new check-in and boarding services, the building is also equipped with 11 washrooms, nine nursery rooms, and 10 wheelchair accessible restrooms.

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