Leonardo-led consortium signed EUR 150 million contract to upgrade BHS at Zurich Airport


10 August 2018

A Leonardo-led consortium has signed a EUR 150 million contract to upgrade the baggage handling systems (BHS) at Zurich Airport (ZRH) in Switzerland. The airport will have one of the most advanced and reliable BHS in the world once it is fully renovated by Leonardo in a consortium with Austrian company, motion06. Leonardo is responsible for the overall project management, system design and integration, as well as the supply of the cross-belt sorters and IT systems, while motion06 will provide certain key equipment. The project will see most of the existing baggage handling system’s electromechanical and IT components replaced. This will allow it to meet the latest security standards, improve reliability and expand its capacity to be able to handle more than 16,000 bags/hr. Leonardo’s solution will comprise eight MBHS® cross-belt sorters with 80 induction lines, with a total length of about 4 km, about 7 km of high-speed conveyors for inter-terminal connections, and 12 km of traditional conveyors. The complete installation also includes a conveyor-based Early Baggage Storage (EBS) system for up to 2,000 bags. The system embraces a number of technological innovations like advanced IT systems for management, including flow management software for intelligent routing, and a unique diagnostic system based on a network of Internet of Things (IOT) sensors with a ‘big-data’ analysis mechanism for predictive maintenance.

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