Dubai Airports to deploy robots to detect faces of wanted criminals


09 March 2018

Dubai Airports will soon deploy robots that will be able to detect the faces of wanted criminals, as well as report any suspicious person or activity. The robot, expected to be stationed at the arrival section of the airports, is being referred to as “one of the best innovations” by Khalid Al Zarooni, the innovation specialist at Dubai Customs. “This is an android. It still hasn’t been implemented fully, but it has gone through a piloting phase around the airports,” said Al Zarooni at the recent Arab Innovation Forum. “It’s probably going to be our best innovation when it gets implemented in full. The brain in the android has so many features and tools connected to it, such as facial recognition, X-ray scanning, and thermal vision. It gathers data from these features and compiles it into a threat assessment and then it gives alerts to the control room,” he added. When there is no suspicious person or activity and no threats to detect, the robot will simply be present to greet travellers at the airport. However, this isn’t the first time that airport officials have turned to future technology to enhance its security. Dubai International Airport (DXB) is already home to an award-winning android customs inspector. The impressive device has the ability to detect body language, thermal heat, as well as carry out facial recognition and track luggage.

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