Saint John Airport adopted EhEye technology


09 March 2018

Saint John Airport (YSJ), NB, Canada has become an early adopter of artificially intelligent software technology from local company EhEye to enhance airport security. Phase 1 of a pilot programme is currently being implemented. Today video surveillance is commonplace in all airports, including the Saint John Airport and other public spaces. Commissionaires are a reliable security presence throughout YSJ and monitor the airport’s CCTV (Closed-circuit television) for persons and objects of interest. The new EhEye artificially intelligent software will provide airport security with a second set of eyes, as it actively monitors YSJ’s video surveillance stream. The software will scan the airport’s live CCTV feed and send an alert to airport security personnel of suspicious activity, so they can monitor the situation more closely in real-time. It uses artificial intelligence and data analysis to differentiate between normal and anomalous behaviour. “YSJ will be the first airport in Canada to adopt our technology,” said EhEye CEO, James Stewart. “I’m pleased to have the opportunity to work with an innovative organisation like the Saint John Airport. They’ve joined on as an early adopter and are open to exploring the next evolution of airport security,” Stewart added.

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