San Jose International Airport selected Proterra to supply 10 battery-electric transit buses


24 November 2017

San Jose International Airport (SJC), CA, has selected heavy-duty electric transportation company Proterra to supply 10 of its battery-electric transit buses and the related charging infrastructure. The Proterra Catalyst E2 vehicles were chosen for their sustainability, performance and operational cost-saving abilities. The purchase marks Proterra’s first airport electric bus deployment in the San Francisco Bay Area. The buses are set to be delivered and put into service in late 2018. John Aitken, director of aviation at San Jose City Council, which was involved in the decision, said: “This purchase builds upon initiatives that SJC has put in place to address the concerns and interests of the community and the environment. These include recycling and composting programmes supporting a zero-waste commitment by 2022, a 1 MW, 3.4-acre solar array powering the airport’s rental car garage, and a shift to airside electric service vehicles reducing emissions from operations.” With 12 million passengers annually, SJC currently provides a fleet of compressed natural gas (CNG) buses to transport passengers and luggage from the airport’s short- and long-term parking lots. Funded in part by a USD 3.8 million zero-emissions vehicle grant from the FAA, the new Proterra battery-electric buses will replace the older CNG buses, resulting in the elimination 3,100,000 lb of greenhouse gas tailpipe emissions over the lifetime of these vehicles. The Proterra electric buses have no combustion engine, so passengers will enjoy a quieter, exhaust-free ride. In addition to traveller benefits, the operational cost of electricity, at USD 0.19 per mile, is substantially lower than diesel, at USD 0.84 per mile.

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