New Tempest simulator training lab at Philadelphia International Airport


10 November 2017

With an extensive fleet of JBT Tempest deicers at its Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) location, Integrated Deicing Services (IDS) is taking advantage of some increased space in a new facility, along with some advanced technology from JBT and KBY Software, to create a mutually exclusive training environment using JBT’s Tempest deicer simulators. Their new Tempest simulator training lab will feature four advanced JBT Tempest simulators that are networked and configured to work simultaneously, allowing them to conduct training exercises with multiple operators at once. In addition, these Tempest simulator units are equipped with the latest technology including head-tracking, which simulates operator head movement on the screen, as well at the latest virtual reality technology. The units are also customised to simulate the precise airfield terrain of IDS’ PHL Central Deicing Faculty, as well as having the capability to deice specific aircraft models that are common to their operation.

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