SITA showcased its advanced baggage robot ‘Leo’ at Mexico City International Airport (MEX)


07 July 2017

Global air transport IT provider SITA has showcased its advanced baggage robot ‘Leo’ at Mexico City International Airport (MEX). Leo is a fully autonomous and self-propelling robot that manages passenger baggage, which is intended to assist with the luggage handling process at airports. The robot greets passengers entering the airport, helps them check-in smoothly, prints bag tags and takes their luggage away for processing. Leo is also equipped with obstacle-avoidance technology, enabling it to move easily around busy airports without bumping into people or objects. Airports deploy the autonomous robot with the aim of automating the entire baggage handling process, from the moment the travellers deposit their bags to when they collect them at their destination. SITA Latin America Airport Business vice president, Alex Covarrubias, said: “Innovation is a top priority for SITA’s customers here in Mexico, and together we are exploring the technologies that can improve and facilitate the passenger experience. Leo the baggage robot is just one example. Robotics and automation, along with biometric identification and artificial intelligence, are changing the way airports will be designed in the future, making travel easier every step of the way and improving the passenger experience.”

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