Vanderlande acquired Optosecurity


07 July 2017

Vanderlande has acquired the Canadian software company Optosecurity, a move that it claims will further strengthen its position as a market leader for value-added logistic process automation at airports. Vanderlande, itself bought by Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) earlier in 2017, has said that Optosecurity’s software is a “unique and market-leading platform” for remote screening and data integration. “The combination of this intelligent software with Vanderlande’s automated passenger checkpoint solutions presents the opportunity for the new partnership to become the leading integrator of passenger screening processes at airports,” Vanderlande said. “This transaction is a logical step for Vanderlande in expanding its footprint beyond traditional baggage handling projects in this market.” Vanderlande’s executive vice president for airports, Andrew Manship, added: “The acquisition of Optosecurity supports Vanderlande’s vision of value-added integrated airport logistics systems. We expect the joint strength of Vanderlande’s SCANNOJET automated passenger checkpoint solution and Optosecurity’s eVelocity remote screening application to become the winning solution. This will address the needs of our customers and add significant value in a demanding and rapidly changing global airport logistics environment.”

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