Advanced biometric ABC infrastructure system for Soekarno-Hatta Intern. Airport


09 June 2017

The Indonesian Direktorat Jenderal Imigrasi PT Jaya Teknik Indonesia and its partner, Vision-Box, recently inaugurated an advanced biometric Automated Border Control (ABC) infrastructure system at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport’s (CGK) brand-new Terminal 3 (T3). The Vision-Box solution consists of some 32 vb i-match™ Automated Border Control eGates for eligible Indonesian nationals’ self-service border clearance, and 10 vb e-pass™ portable biometric suitcases for enhanced mobility in passenger clearance. Additionally, it includes 32 individual fingerprint and passport scanners to expedite the processing of foreign travellers at manual counters. The integrated ABC solution provides higher accuracy in passenger identity verification at the border, while increasing airport security and passenger processing capacity. The solution is considered to be the centrepiece of the Indonesian government’s plan to develop new economic opportunities. It is designed to ease the strain on the country’s transportation, tourism, and aviation industries, while increasing its commercial appeal. Jean-François Lennon, Vice President for Global Business Development & Sales at Vision-Box, said: “This next-generation border control solution is designed to provide the airport, the travellers and border control authority with a modern, secure, hassle-free solution, and improve efficiency and airport capacity. Our platform unleashes all the benefits of an innovative self-service immigration clearing process, supporting the future growth in passenger traffic. It adds capacity to the airport’s infrastructure without the need to expand its architecture footprint, thus providing a flexible solution for airport stakeholders during peak seasons and times.”

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