BEUMER Group signed agreement with the Aruba Airport Authority


11 January 2019

BEUMER Group has signed an agreement with the Aruba Airport Authority for the design and installation of a USD 33 million, high-speed baggage transportation and sortation system at Aruba’s Queen Beatrix International Airport (AUA). The installation, which includes BEUMER’s residential programme for on-site operation and maintenance, is part of the airport’s Gateway 2030 expansion and modernisation programme. The baggage handling system (BHS) features a tote-based CrisBag® high speed baggage transportation and sortation system, with integration to a full TSA-compliant EDS screening system with in-tote screening functionality, and a Baggage Image Weight Identification System (BIWIS) to streamline the airport’s US pre-clearance process. The new system will eliminate the requirement to reclaim checked luggage and undergo a second passenger screening process which presently is in place for US travellers. Additionally, the new system will allow US and non-US bound flights to operate from a common-use check-in facility. Aruba Airport handles approximately 2.8 million passengers annually, with 67% coming from the US. The Aruba Airport project is the first airport in the Caribbean and Latin America to showcase BEUMER Group’s integrated ICS system (CrisBag) and bag storage system (CrisStore) to handle the peak flight demands of the airport, according to BEUMER Senior Vice President Barry Lagerstedt. “The application of US Customs pre-clearance, as well as the interface with TSA-compliant protocol baggage screening, is a perfect application for our integrated CrisBag baggage handling and storage solution and provides the highest reliability and security of any system available,” Lagerstedt said. The final design of BEUMER’s tote-based CrisBag system will be carried out in collaboration with the airport’s main terminal designer, NACO, and programme management consultant, Satterfield & Pontikes, to ensure that the baggage handling system and the building are properly integrated and that the new system is designed and built with the optimal efficiency. Installation will begin in Q3 2020, with completion expected in Q2 2021 in coordination with the opening of the Gateway 2030 project construction phase 1

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