Houlberg Instrumentering to supply iLane.evo to Aalborg Airport


11 December 2018

In Denmark, Smiths Detection’s local distributor, Houlberg Instrumentering, is set to supply automated checkpoint lane technology known as iLane.evo to Aalborg Airport (AAL). Smiths Detection will also upgrade the HI-SCAN 6040 aTiX scanners that will allow travellers to leave electronic items in their hand luggage. Both technologies are expected to create advanced airport-security checkpoints in Denmark while offering a fully integrated and networked solution. According to Smiths Detection, the iLane.evo checkpoint lane will help abolish bottlenecks, keep queues under control and ensure that the passengers and baggage keep moving. The extended reclaim areas both manage three passengers at the same time. If any trays are carrying suspicious items, they are automatically diverted to a secondary search area and all trays return to the start automatically once the process ends. The existing HI-SCAN 6040 aTiX scanner software will be upgraded to EDS CB C2 standards, which enables travellers to leave electronics such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, and cameras in their hand luggage for scanning.

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