Gemalto partnered with leading US airline to trial biometric boarding gates at LA International Airport


11 December 2018

Amsterdam, Netherlands-based digital security company, Gemalto, has partnered with a leading US airline to trial biometric boarding gates in Terminal 4 (T4) at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), CA. The trial will ensure that passenger expectations are met through use of facial recognition technology and that CBP’s (Customs and Border Protection) US Exit requirements are satisfied. Neville Pattinson, senior vice president of government programme at Gemalto, said: “Being able to use your face instead of your boarding pass will not only enhance security but allow passengers to board more easily and quickly. The passenger process is changing globally, and we are pleased to be on the leading edge of this change by enabling our partners to offer improved service and security with our biometric capabilities.” The pilot programme at LAX is said to be uniquely flexible with regards to space limitations and future options as the solution will be integrated into the existing infrastructure to facilitate boarding. Passengers will approach the gate and receive confirmation via a computer screen and camera following a facial verification from CBP’s traveller verification services. Once verified, the captured images will be wiped from the system to ensure privacy for all passengers. At a recent US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) biometric testing rally, Gemalto’s Live Face Identification System (LFIS) achieved a 99.44% successful acquisition rate in less than five seconds.

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