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Here exhibitors can find information relating to their participation in the show.

Mack Brooks Exhibitions Ltd is not connected in any way to, Expo Guide or Construct Data Verlag AG and distances itself completely from these companies.

Exhibitor Schedule

We will contact exhibitors with reminder emails and other information mailings for new deadlines and service descriptions in order to facilitate the show preparation. All services and deadlines relate to the current planning status and are subject to change.

Last updated August 2017

When? What? Contact
October 2016 Start of general stand allocation
February 2017 Exhibitor Log-in data sent out
February 2017 Exhibitor List and Company Profiles go live on the website
Spring 2017 Entry forms for the official Show Catalogue will be available.
Early May 2017 Show Preview: An invitation will be sent out explaining how to submit an entry.
May 2017 Order forms for promotional material and ticket vouchers to invite customers will be available.
May 2017 Visitor Information Brochure available
14 June 2017 Deadline for Show Preview entries (printed version)
Early summer 2017 Visitor Show Planner goes live on website
21 July 2017 Deadline for entries into the official Show Catalogue.
Early summer 2017 Online Exhibitor Handbook will be available
Early summer 2017 Online Exhibitor Registration live
August/September 2017 Print & Online Show Preview will be published
17 September 2017 Final deadline for Show Preview entries to be added to the online version
September 2017 Online Visitor Registration live
September 2017 On-site information guide will be emailed to exhibitors
10-13 October 2017 inter airport Europe 2017

The inter airport Europe Schedule will be continuously updated throughout 2016 / 2017.

Here exhibitors can find the build-up, exhibition and breakdown timetable. 

IAE17 Timetable

Contacts and Departments

Show Management
Nicola Hamann, Managing Director
Ulika Tosner, Exhibition Manager
Sandra Thompson, Exhibition Executive
Claudia Stace, Exhibition Assistant
Marta Trzeciecka, Exhibition Assistant 
Tel: +44 1727 814 400
Fax: +44 1727 814 401
General information
Stand reservation / bookings
Registration of co-exhibitors
Promotional material / ticket vouchers
Online Marketing Package
Technical Department
Antje Extra, Technical Director
Sabine Henrich, Technical Manager
Kristin Fuchs, Technical Assistant
Tel: +44 1727 814 400
Fax: +44 1727 814 401
Stand design and technical regulations
Exhibitor Handbook
Press Office
Susanne Neuner, PR & Marketing Director
Melanie Kaufmann, PR & Marketing Manager
Tel: +44 1727 814 400
Fax: +44 1727 814 401
Press enquiries
Show Preview
Exhibitor press services
Photos & Videos
Catalogue Department
Mack Brooks Publishing Ltd
Stephan Guder, Catalogue Production
Tel: +44 1727 814 400
Fax: +44 1727 814 401
Catalogue enquiries (including advertisements)
French speaking exhibitors
Fabienne Taylor
Tel: +44 1284 788 088
Fax: +44 1284 787 250
General information and bookings
Exhibitors from the USA and Canada
Mack Brooks Exhibitions USA
Bob O’Malley
Tel: (312) 809 9260 
Toll free: 866-899-4728
General information and bookings



Here exhibitors can find various forms for download and reference. The information on this page is regularly added and updated throughout.

Stand Space Enquiry Form

Stand Space Contract

Exhibit Categories

All-inclusive Package

Online Marketing Packages

Video Upload Order Form

Newsletter Banner Order Form

Co exhibitor registration

inter airport Europe Logo

All logos shown on this site are protected by copyright and may only be used by registered exhibitors to announce their participation at the event.

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EPS files for offset printing (magazine adverts, brochures, leaflets, etc.)




The inter airport Europe show grounds are located at the Munich Trade Fair Centre, east of Munich.

Map of Show Grounds

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