inter airport Europe Innovation Awards: The Winners

The international airport community have selected the winners in each category via online voting. The winners have been formally presented with a prestigious award during the Opening and Awards Ceremony at inter airport Europe 2017, at 11am on 10th October 2017.

And these are the Winners of this year’s inter airport Europe Innovation Awards:


Vanderlande from the Netherlands
Vanderlande is awarded for their flexible logistics solution FLEET which adapts baggage handling systems overnight to meet tomorrow’s changing demands. It uses “swarm intelligence” to prioritise or react quickly to obstacles.


topsystem Systemhaus GmbH from Germany
topsystem Systemhaus GmbH is awarded for APHIS, their Aviation Personnel Handling and Information System. APHIS supports the creation of staff rosters to assure that employees with the required qualifications are available at the right place and the right time.


PaxLift from Italy
PaxLift is awarded for its 'next generation Ambulift', a new PRM transporter which provides precise control and maximum comfort within a small footprint. PaxLift offers a low closed height, lifting height pre-selection and single driver operation.


Zodiac Aerospace from France
Zodiac Aerospace is awarded for SEN door with mushroom locking system on ULDs. The new SEN door locking system ensures easy, quick and tight door closure without the known disadvantages of Velcro.


DEDIENNE AEROSPACE is awarded for ToolLive – a real-time tracking and predictive analytics service dedicated to aeronautical tools, which generates all data relevant to the maintenance of critical tools through a single connected device. It supports daily tooling management and keeps even large tooling inventories up-to-date.

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