TSA eases restrictions on prohibited items


27 March 2013

The TSA has modified its list of prohibited items that can be carried on aircraft on an overall risk-based security approach with effect from 25 April 2013. The modified rule will allow passengers to carry small pocket knives with non-locking blades smaller than 2.36 in and less than 1/2 in in width. Passengers will also be allowed to carry small and toy bats, ski poles, hockey sticks, lacrosse sticks, billiard cues and two golf clubs, while the list retains razor blades and box cutters, full-size baseball, softball and cricket bats. TSA spokesman David Castelveter said that the decision was made to bring U.S. regulations more in line with ICAO standards, and would also assist in offering an improved passenger experience. “This is part of an overall risk-based security approach, which allows transportation security officers to better focus their efforts on finding higher-threat items such as explosives,” Castelveter said. The U.S. Flight Attendants Union Coalition said that the decision was poor and short-sighted. “Continued prohibition of these items is an integral layer in making our aviation system secure and must remain in place,” the Coalition said.

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