London Gatwick Airport is running a new biometrics trial using self-boarding gates


29 May 2018

London Gatwick Airport (LGW) in the UK is running a new biometrics trial using self-boarding gates to help cut queues for thousands of passengers and helping to improve flight departure times. In a partnership with EasyJet, Gatwick will run an end-to-end biometrics trial for at least three months. Personal data collected at the airport’s self-service bag drops will be recognised by new automated self-boarding gates, to make the process quicker and easier for passengers. The self-boarding technology will identify each passenger and verify that their passport, face and boarding card all match in a process which Gatwick says will take under 20 sec. The airport expects around 10,000 passengers will take part on 43 routes flown by the airport. Passengers who want to take part in the trial but are not travelling with luggage so do not need to use the self-service bag drop, will be able to have their data collected at the entrance to the boarding gate room. Data captured from biometrics will only be stored for 24 hr before being destroyed, LGW said. Gatwick will be gauging how long each interaction with the tech takes, what it will mean for queue times, how it will make the passenger journey simpler, and how intuitive the process is for passengers.

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