Thyssenkrupp acquired aircraft gate docking systems division of Trelleborg, Sweden-based FMT


12 February 2018

On 7 February 2018, thyssenkrupp announced that it had acquired the aircraft gate docking systems division of Trelleborg, Sweden-based FMT. FMT is a leading player in this industry, having introduced the industry’s first Visual Docking Guidance Systems (VDGS) in the 1970s. With this deal, thyssenkrupp acquires FMT’s intellectual properties as well as its highly experienced R&D team responsible for providing some of the most advanced gate systems to major airports across the world. With IATA estimating that annual passenger demand will double by 2035 to 7.2 billion, thyssenkrupp is broadening its current airport solutions portfolio with FMT’s integrated intelligent systems. Incorporating various aspects of gate operations, these solutions are capable of significantly improving efficient mobility in airports. Commenting on the deal, Philip de Coninck, CEO of thyssenkrupp Airport Solutions said: “Incidents in ground operations cost the aviation industry up to USD 4 billion per year. With our solutions we want to help our customers not only avoid this expense but also have quicker turnaround times and safer environments at the gate. Together, our international footprint and FMT’s expertise in developing these systems will provide us with a considerable advantage in enhancing our current offerings and meeting the future needs of our customers.” Peter Kollert, Chairman of the Board of FMT, said: “FMT’s aircraft gate docking system division operates at the forefront of advanced gate systems, with innovations such as the only VDGS that is 100% accurate in aircraft identification. FMT’s aircraft gate docking system division increases the safety at airports, while also decreasing the turnaround times and the airline industry’s impact on the environment. After the sale of the aircraft gate docking systems division, FMT will focus on the further development of passenger boarding bridges for both airports and the cruise port industry.”

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