Istanbul new airport plans to install security and inspection equipment made by Nuctech Company Limited


10 January 2018

The Istanbul new airport, currently under construction in Turkey, plans to install security and inspection equipment made by the Beijing, China-based Nuctech Company Limited. Under a contract signed between the two sides, the new airport terminal will use Nuctech-made equipment and system to inspect both carry-on and checked-in baggage. The new terminal will have the capacity to handle 200 million passengers annually when all phases of the construction are completed. Yusuf Akcayoglu, CEO of Istanbul Grand Airport Construction, expressed his pleasure to have Nuctech on board, as his team is aiming at making the new airport the world’s most attractive one in terms of not only geography but also technology. The Istanbul new airport is planned as the largest in the world, and the first phase of it is scheduled to be operational in October 2018, serving up to 90 million passengers annually.

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