Dallas Love Field Airport launched its MIT system from Daifuku Airport Technologies


10 January 2018

Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL), TX, has launched its mobile inspection table (MIT) system from Daifuku Airport Technologies. MITs are mobile robots that offer a tailored solution for improved workspace efficiency. The system is designed for the checked bag reconciliation area, where MITs deliver bags directly to TSA agents. Bags can be searched while on the MIT’s stainless-steel surface and routed automatically back to the appropriate conveyor system after inspection. Dallas Love Field Airport logistics and systems manager, Tim Smith, said: “As part of our continued commitment to lead the evolution of the airport experience, Dallas Love Field is always looking for newer, better and faster technology to reach new heights in terms of economy of scale. We successfully hosted an influx of travellers during the Thanksgiving holiday, and with our new mobile inspection table robotic technology were able to process a record number of bags with greater efficiency than ever before.” The project was started in order to expand the baggage search capacity for the existing in-line baggage screening system, with the installation of the MIT system being phased to avoid impacting daily operations. The system has helped to boost the number of TSA search stations from eight to 10. The final system configuration is expected to become operational in March 2018 and will include 16 new search stations, 44 MITs, and improved bag tag identification.

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