Moscow Domodedovo Airport invests in De-icing trucks


26 September 2012

Moscow Domodedovo Airport has invested USD 11.3 million in de-icing machines and equipment for cleaning the airfield. In the run-up to the autumn-winter period from October 2012 to March 2013, the airport has bought 14 additional emergency vehicles from several international vendors. In November-December 2012 the de-icing fleet, which currently consists of 24 vehicles, will be reinforced with four state-of-art Vestergaard Elephant Beta de-icing machines. The equipment will be used to de-ice aircraft while their engines are running. Handling aircraft with engines running can reduce the waiting time and time for taxiing, as well as reducing the consumption of de-icing fluid. To apply this technology, which was first tested in February 2012, Domodedovo Airport is using two special sites, located at the ends of the runway No. 1. Each site can receive two aircraft alternately. By the 2012/2013 autumn-winter season, the airport will be able to handle three times more aircraft at each site. This winter Moscow Domodedovo Airport will use a total of 43 vehicles for snow and ice clearance, including two new Schmidt Supra 5001 snow blowers, four Schmidt CJS-914 Super II and TJS630 jet sweepers, and four Schmidt Stratos B60-36 anti-icing distributors.

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