Vanderlande to implement innovative baggage handling system at Lelystad Airport


09 October 2017

Vanderlande has signed a contract with the Schiphol Group to implement an innovative baggage handling system (BHS) at Lelystad Airport (LEY) in the Netherlands. The system will utilise automated guided vehicle technology (AGV), which replaces the need for conveyors and sorting systems. It also includes a new self bag-drop solution, as well as optimising the travel experience for passengers. The announcement comes at an important time for Lelystad Airport, which is located near Amsterdam, since it is required to undergo a phased upgrade in order to provide additional capacity due to the ongoing expansion of Schiphol Airport (AMS). The new solution from Vanderlande will provide high levels of flexibility and allow Lelystad to change seamlessly in the future to match its business requirements; the system has been designed to grow alongside the airport without impacting on operations or necessitating any immediate building expansion. In addition, the solution will guarantee shorter project lead times and consume up to 50% less energy compared to traditional BHS.

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