Saab Sensis offers improved critical airport status information


27 February 2013

Saab Sensis has introduced the Aerobahn Airport Dashboard to improve the distribution of critical airport status information, both airside and landside, to all stakeholders and the public. The Aerobahn Airport Dashboard provides for the collection, recording, distribution, updating and alerting of airport status information for proactive management of airport operations. It is a stand-alone product for the real-time information-sharing needs of an airport of any size; users can post updates, attach documents, and draw attention to the status of any aspect of the airport. The Dashboard comprises a single ‘home’ screen that allows users to quickly view and edit critical airport status information, such as runway status, irregular operations status, NOTAMS, and landside information such as hotel and transportation conditions. In addition, a ‘notification’ bar provides an up-to-date activity log of all airport status changes - users can customize what data is displayed to further focus on the most important details for their responsibility. Finally, a web portal allows the Aerobahn Airport Dashboard to be viewed from any web browser or mobile device for quick, on-the-go updates.

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