Trial run of colour-coded baggage management system at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport


11 August 2017

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) has launched a trial run of a colour-coded baggage management system to improve ground crew efficiency in delivering luggage to arriving passengers, with plans to launch the full system in Q2 2018. The system scans bar codes on luggage and groups bags from the same flight under a corresponding colour that airline companies will choose for themselves, the airport said. The luggage is then transferred onto a conveyor belt and LEDs placed along the carousel light up in the corresponding colour. TPE said that it has spent USD 165,415 testing the system which has been installed on a carousel in Terminal 2. Compared with the traditional method in which ground crew manually check luggage tags and place the bags on conveyor belts, the system will hopefully expedite the sorting process, as ground crew will be able to recognise flights by their colour, the airport said. Currently, ground crew can sort luggage coming from up to three flights simultaneously, while the new system can handle luggage from up to six flights. TPE said that a complete system for the entire airport would cost TWD 100 million (about USD 3.3 million). The system would be able to indicate misplaced baggage using a red light and notify ground crew by displaying a picture of the misplaced baggage, so they can respond immediately, the airport said.

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