Air India SATS Airport Services introduced automated aircraft exterior cleaning service at Indira Gandhi Airport


11 May 2017

Air India SATS Airport Services (AISATS) has introduced an automated aircraft exterior cleaning service at New Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL), to be carried out by the Nordic Dino II system from Stockholm, Sweden-based Aviator. After the trial period, the first automated aircraft exterior cleaning, on an Air India Airbus A320, and was completed in just a quarter of the usual time spent to clean a narrowbody aircraft. The Nordic Dino II, is a computerised and self-contained system that brings with it a high level of automation and sophistication in the aircraft exterior cleaning process, according to Aviator. To clean one aircraft conventionally takes up to six hours, 18 persons and many gallons of water, but with the automated process, narrowbody aircraft can be cleaned in just two hours. The robotic equipment has a washing height of 8.5 m, and can easily wash aircraft of up to Boeing 737 size. The system consists of a mobile power unit, spray nozzles and rotating cleaning brushes powered by a lightweight remote control that permits safe and simple one-man operation. NORDIC DINO meets the requirements for washing aircraft exteriors and incorporates safety features designed to prevent accidental personal injury and aircraft damage.

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