Calgary International Airport's new intern. terminal begun operations with ramp assistance powered by ADB SAFEGATE


25 January 2017

In Canada, Calgary International Airport’s (YYC) new international terminal has begun operations with ramp assistance powered by ADB SAFEGATE advanced airfield lighting and aircraft docking solutions for its new runway and new and existing terminal gates. The airport selected ABD SAFEGATE’s Safedock advanced visual docking guidance systems (A-VDGS) and SafeControl Apron Management software because of its ability to ensure the safe and efficient automated marshalling of aircraft. The first phase of the installation took place in 2013 with 38 Safedock A-VDGS installed on existing gates at the Airline Terminal Building. During the construction of the new terminal, ADB SAFEGATE installed an additional 28 Safedock systems on the new international gates, as well as its SafeControl Apron Management software at both terminals. The A-VDGS also supports the common use operation on the airport’s new international gates with the flexibility to park any aircraft type at any available gate. This common-use approach ensures the best use of available facilities and consistent service. “We have been building a relationship with the Calgary Airport Authority and their airline partners for many years, and the consultants on the project have also worked with ADB SAFEGATE on other projects and have a very favourable view of our performance. This created a close collaboration on this project from the design phase through implementation,” said Joe Pokoj, CEO Americas for ADB SAFEGATE. YYC’s new runway is the longest in Canada and includes 5,000 airfield lighting fixtures, signs, approach lighting, ALCMS and power solutions from ADB SAFEGATE to enable greater airfield safety as well as energy and maintenance savings. The installation is also a showcase for ADB SAFEGATE’s power line carrier technology, installed as part of the airport’s Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (SMGCS), to enable high-speed individual lamp control and monitoring for stop bar and taxiway lead-in control, in-pavement runway guard lights and aircraft sensor detection.

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