ICM Airport Technics signed contract with Changi Airport Group


09 September 2016

Australia-based ICM Airport Technics has signed a contract with Changi Airport Group (CAG) in Singapore to supply and maintain its Hybrid Auto Bag-Drop (ABD) units. The units can be used either as self-service bag-drop machines or conventional check-in counters. They will be installed progressively at Changi Airport. Richard Dinkelmann, managing director at ICM Airport Technics Australia, said: “We are proud to secure our partnership with CAG, and roll out our advanced self-service bag-drop solution. Our technology has been received incredibly well – ICM Airport Technics has been awarded recent contracts for self-service bag-drop solutions at airports in Montréal, Milan (Malpensa), Munich, and Johannesburg. It is an exciting time and we look forward to continually transforming the traveller check-in process and bringing it forward into the 21st century.” Ang Siew Min, vice president of airport operations management at CAG, added: “With the wider adoption of self-service bag-drop machines at Changi Airport, passengers can look forward to a faster and more convenient check-in experience. The hybrid functionality of the ABD units also provides airlines and ground handlers with increased flexibility in their operations.”

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