Better quality of assistance to persons with reduced mobility (PRM) required at UK airports


11 August 2016

A new report has revealed that improved collaboration between airlines, airports and service providers is required to provide a better quality of assistance to persons with reduced mobility (PRM) at UK airports. The report was commissioned during the fact-finding phase of a long-term improvement programme led by international total facilities management (TFM) provider, Outsourced Client Solutions (OCS) Group. Called ‘Challenging for Change: Airport Experiences: How disabled people feel about the service they receive’, the report is based on customer narratives and responses collected from 534 disabled passengers. The OCS Group aims to understand the needs of the disabled passengers, and provide an improved level of service in a bid to address their requirements. The group has also organised workshops at UK airports involving customer groups with different disabilities as well as service providers including airlines, airport, PRM providers and baggage handling. The report said that it is the lack of knowledge among disabled passengers about the advance booking process that leads to uncertainty and lack of confidence in service provision, and thereby results in customer dissatisfaction. The major passenger uncertainty revolves around the roles and responsibilities of the airline, airport, baggage handler and PRM service providers. However, the Passenger Assistance Service at UK airports provided higher level of satisfaction to frequent travellers who knew how to book and specify the assistance they required. The report introduces 16 recommendations for industry consideration that include improved use of technology for service co-ordination as well as record the nature of individual disabilities in a bid to help deliver the support required.

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