Narita International Airport has introduced two chemical fire engines featuring a flexible, extendable deluge gun that can reach fires high up


13 June 2016

It is the first time that a domestic airport in Japan has introduced fire engines with this apparatus, which is called a High-Reach Extendable Turret (HRET). The deluge gun’s arm extends 15 m above the ground, so it is able to reach fires at the top of large aircraft. Conventionally, deluge guns are fixed in a direct position on the upper part of the vehicle body. HRET models, however, can not only extend the apparatus but can rotate it side to side and up and down, so they can be used for fires in both high and low places, even at near-ground level. A piercing nozzle made of special steel can be attached to the tip of the deluge gun, allowing it to bore into the aircraft and apply fire-fighting agents directly.

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