Three resolutions on safety and security have been adopted at 11th ACI Asia-Pacific Regional Assembly


10 May 2016

At the recent 11th ACI Asia-Pacific Regional Assembly, three resolutions on safety and security have been adopted, calling for members’ support on the following: urge airports to set up runway safety teams; call upon airports to promote a positive safety culture; and encourage ACI Asia-Pacific members to participate in APEX in security. Patti Chau, ACI Asia-Pacific Regional Director, said: “We call upon members’ support on ACI’s initiatives on airport safety and security. ACI Asia-Pacific will continue to work closely with industry partners and our members in ensuring airports are operated in a responsible, safe and secure manner for the travelling public.” Resolution 1: Airports to Set Up Runway Safety Team. Runway accidents remain one of the key issues of aerodrome safety. ACI has been advocating member airports to create their own Runway Safety Teams, where stakeholders can discuss runway safety issues which can lead to prevention of runway accidents. ACI Asia-Pacific urges member airports to create their runway safety teams as soon as possible and make use of ACI’s guidance materials and training resources. Resolution 2: Airports to Promote Positive Safety Culture. A positive safety culture is the general belief in an organisation that safety is a core value that should not be compromised in any circumstances. With the new edition of Annex 19 (Safety Management) to the Convention on International Civil Aviation, States and airports are required to promote positive safety culture to encourage safety reporting. ACI Asia-Pacific calls upon its member airports to attach adequate importance to positive safety culture and actively promote positive safety culture at their organization with training, communication campaigns and experience sharing with other airports. Resolution 3: Airports to Support APEX in Security. ACI has launched APEX in Security, a peer review programme to promote assistance among airports. In February 2016, ACI and ICAO signed an agreement to work together under the APEX in Security programme to deliver security reviews, technical assistance and training. ACI Asia-Pacific encourages its member airports to generously contribute to this meaningful cause by sending their aviation security experts to APEX in missions when being called upon by ACI, and to consider inviting the ACI APEX in Security team to conduct aviation security reviews at their airports.

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