Proposal for new off-shore London hub airport


11 January 2013

Maritime consulting engineers Beckett Rankine has proposed a plan to build a GBP 39 billion offshore airport for London on the Goodwin Sands site, which is located 3 km off the east coast of Kent in the U.K. Beckett Rankine director Tim Beckett said that an offshore hub airport is believed to be the only option that can realistically provide four new, independent runways. “If the Davies Commission endorses the long-term requirement for a new, four-runway hub airport for London, then locating it at Goodwin will have the least adverse social and environmental impact of any option,” Beckett said. Intended to assist in overcoming aviation capacity problems, the new airport will be capable of handling 150 million passengers a year. London Aviation Adviser Mayor Daniel Moylan said: “We now urgently need to recognize that a new hub airport is the answer to our aviation capacity problems and press ahead with considering the best way to deliver that airport.” Offering a comfort space of 1.5 km for the four runways, the Goodwin Sands site allows independent and unlimited 24-hr operations, including take-off and landing over water. Owned by the Crown Estate, the proposed site also offers enhanced transport links with a high-speed rail connection. An offshore airport is an alternative that crowded island nations have been opting for across the globe, according to the engineering firm.

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