BEUMER Group has been awarded contract for automated baggage transportation system at Sheremetyevo Airport


29 March 2016

The BEUMER Group has been awarded a contract for the design, fabrication, and implementation of the automated baggage transportation system for the inter-terminal passage between the north terminal complex and the south terminal complex of Sheremetyevo Airport, Russia. As part of the airport’s master plan up to 2030, the development of the north terminal complex, with the capacity to handle 40 million passengers per year, is one of the airport’s strategic directions. The north and south terminal complexes will feature almost 2 km of new underground tunnels connecting the two airport areas. These tunnels will be equipped with a BEUMER autover® independent baggage carrier system and provide the capacity to handle the future growth in passengers. In addition, the tunnels and BEUMER autover system will provide short connection times for both passengers and baggage The baggage transportation system will integrate a 4.8-km BEUMER autover system and include 187 autoca® intelligent destination coded vehicles (DCVs). The system will support a capacity of 900 bags/hr in each direction. Installation of the BEUMER autover system is scheduled to start in February 2017.

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