WiGig Spot experimental demonstration by Panasonic Corporation and Narita International Airport


11 February 2016

Panasonic Corporation and Narita International Airport in Japan have announced that they will jointly launch the world’s first experimental demonstration of WiGig Spot, based on the next-generation wireless LAN. WiGig is a new technology that which provides more than 10 times the data transfer rate of existing wireless LANs, and is expected to enable frustration-free high-speed wireless transmission of rich digital content such as high-definition video. This experimental demonstration aims to validate the effectiveness of WiGig Spot, according to Panasonic. WiGig Spot will be set up in Narita Airport and feature millimetre-wave access points which Panasonic is developing. Airport visitors will experience high-definition video download over a next-generation WLAN connection onto a dedicated terminal. The theme of the video is Omotenashi, or Japanese hospitality, and is intended to entertain inbound tourists.

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