Singapore Changi Airport unveiled way to ensure that no traveller has to go without luggage trolley


12 January 2016

On 30 December 2015, Singapore Changi Airport (SIN) unveiled a smarter way to ensure that no traveller has to go without a luggage trolley. Previously, trolley retrievers at Changi Airport would patrol its terminals round the clock to make sure that each trolley bay was fully stocked. There would also be a fixed number of trolleys at each bay throughout the day, regardless of demand. This, according to the Changi Airport Group (CAG), led to underused trolleys at some bays and a shortage at others, as well as an inefficient use of manpower. However, CAG said that this changed with a new Automated Trolley Management System (ATMS) that was put in place earlier in 2015, spanning its transit areas. CAG said that the system gives trolley retrievers real-time information on where trolleys are needed most, and alerts them an hour before a flight arrives to ensure the bays are restocked. Each ground supervisor is given an iPad that is connected to the airport's flight information system. This allows them to anticipate how many trolleys are needed based on incoming flights, and deploy their staff accordingly. The ATMS also tracks the trolley supply through a camera at each bay, and transmits this information to the ground supervisor's iPad in real time. CAG said the system allows supervisors to better monitor trolley supply and demand, leading to more effective deployment. It added that it has also seen man-hour savings of 25% since the system was launched. The number of trolley bays has also been increased from 50 to 70 without the need for more manpower.

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