Port of Seattle unveiled new debris detection technology at Sea-Tac Airport, WA


10 December 2015

The Port of Seattle has unveiled new debris detection technology at Sea-Tac Airport, WA, that will make it safer for aircraft to take off and land. The Foreign Object Debris (FOD) detection system uses cameras and radar to scan the new centre runway, searching for wildlife, aircraft parts, garbage and debris that could be damaging to aircraft. “This gives us continuous monitoring, so that if an occurrence were to happen right after the last physical inspection, we still have that real-time continuous surveillance going on,” said Michael Ehl, Director of Operations at Sea-Tac Airport. A series of 101 sensors scan the runway day and night; if something is found, the system alerts airport operators. Sea-Tac is only the second airport in the US to have such a high-tech system in place, and the first in the world to integrate wildlife detection. It has been estimated that damage from debris costs the aviation industry more than USD 4 billion each year.

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