OCEM Airfield Technology installs remote-monitoring LED lighting at Rome Fiumicino Airport


12 November 2015

Bologna, Italy-based OCEM Airfield Technology’s innovative remote-monitoring LED lighting solutions have played a key role in the recently-completed runway renovations at Rome Fiumicino International Airport. The two-phase renovation involved upgrading the taxiways and temporary track, then reinforcing and repaving Runway 3. OCEM provided new LED lights for the entire renovated runway including the end, edge, threshold, touchdown zone runway, centre line, circulation routes, stop bar, and Rapid Exit Taxiway Indicator Light (RETIL). OCEM fittings can be monitored remotely via the ILCMS, an airfield ground lighting control system designed and manufactured by OCEM. The new installations represent an important increase in remote monitoring-capable signals and also in control and monitoring modules for Rome Fiumicino. OCEM also provided LED lighted signage that can withstand winds of up to 483 km/hr produced by some of the world’s largest jet engines. Meanwhile, Chicago, IL-based Multi Electric, OCEM Airfield Technology’s US subsidiary, recently provided LED airfield ground lighting solutions for major airports in the Seattle, WA, area, with other installations on-going in Los Angeles, CA. The company recently finished installing LED elevated edge, inset centreline luminaries, and guard lights at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA-TAC), WA. In summer 2015, Multi Electric also installed in-pavement and elevated LED runway edge lights in nearby McChord Air Force Base outside Tacoma, WA. In addition, OCEM inset and elevated approach and threshold LED lights are being used at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), CA.

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