Phoenix high-speed aircraft tow tractor introduced by Goldhofer and Schopf


26 October 2015

Inter Airport 2015 Round-up - Goldhofer and Schopf presented their new Phoenix high-speed aircraft tow tractor. The first joint product of the Goldhofer and Schopf design engineering team, Phoenix is based on a completely new modular vehicle design concept, and combines minimum fuel consumption with an unbeatable price-performance ratio, according to the manufacturer. In addition to the Phoenix, Goldhofer and Schopf had other highlights on show in Munich, including the F110e and the STT military tow tractor, and several more innovative GSE transport solutions. Stefan Fuchs, CEO of Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft, said: “Our new aircraft tractor was the number-one talking point at the trade show, and the contracts signed for advance orders reached double figures.” The other highlights at the Goldhofer-Schopf stand included the F110e electric aircraft tractor and the STT military tow tractor. Goldhofer claims that the F110 is the biggest-selling aircraft tow tractor in the world and has been available in an all-electric version - the F110e - since 2009. Originally developed by Schopf as a military tow tractor, the STT is also suitable for civil aviation applications.

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