Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines buys 36 Oshkosh Striker fire trucks


26 October 2015

Virac Airport in Catanduanes, Philippines, has acquired a new, modern fire truck, one of 36 Oshkosh Striker units purchased by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) from its US-based manufacturer. CAAP airport manager, Edwin Soneja, said that the new fire-fighting equipment would raise Virac Airport’s Category from 4 to 6 once the airport’s fire fighters had been trained on the use of the truck. When fully operational, the fire crew would be capable of tackling fire emergencies up to the level of an Airbus jet aircraft and penetrate hazardous areas. The Oshkosh Striker has a Snozzle capable of piercing an aircraft fuselage to dispense fire retardant material within a cabin or cargo area. It also has a 5,700-l water tank and a 790-l foam tank and carries 200 kg of dry chemical, along with 210 kg of Halotron 1, a fire-extinguishing agent used in many airports worldwide.

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