Unitechnik automatic baggage handling system for EasyJet at Berlin-Schönefeld Airport


15 October 2015

At Berlin-Schönefeld Airport, EasyJet is using the Unipack system developed by Unitechnik Automatisierungs GmbH for automatic baggage handling. The pilot installation is currently being used for 100% of the check-in baggage, regardless of weight, shape or size. With a maximum capacity of 240 bags/hr, Unipack has already safely and accurately loaded and unloaded several thousand suitcases, bags, and backpacks since its commissioning. Part of the solution is a robot with a patented gripper that automatically picks up luggage from a conveyor belt and places it onto a waiting ramp cart or ULD. Its functionality is based on the smooth interaction of the system’s hardware components with sophisticated software. A scanner and an image processing system tell the robot the precise shape of the piece of luggage. The optimum position inside the ramp cart or ULD is determined with the help of a three-dimensional measuring system. The robot not only adapts its telescope gripper precisely to the dimensions of the piece of luggage, it also grips it securely and places it precisely into the calculated position on the loading unit.

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