Strategic partnership formed by INFORM, COST AVIATION and GrayMatter Software Services


25 August 2015

Stuttgart, Germany-based COST AVIATION, India’s GrayMatter Software Services and Aachen, Germany-based INFORM are entering into a strategic partnership to pursue joint go-to-market for software solutions catering to ground handling functions at airports. GroundStar, INFORM’s flagship suite of products, is a comprehensive software solution for optimized aviation processes covering all requirements of airports, airlines, alliances and ground handlers with flexible systems. Some of the key areas covered by the solution include planning, rostering, hub monitoring, transfer management and GSE management. Today, GroundStar is in use by more than 70 organizations in over 160 airports worldwide. GrayMatter’s Airport Analytics (AA+) product is a pre-built enterprise-wide analytics solution for airport operators consisting of the in-depth analysis of operations, finance, commercial activity, airline marketing, ground handling, infrastructure, survey analytics, HR, environment & safety, by integrating data across some 10 airport systems into a centralized data warehouse. AA+ enables business users to carry out historical data analysis with role-based, highly intuitive and rich dashboards, real-time data analysis and ‘what if’ scenario modelling. The ground handling module of AA+ focuses on path-breaking analytics around productivity, quality and profitability derived from resources deployed including employees and equipment. AA+ solution introduces the concept of flight and airline level profitability for the first time in the Aviation industry. Meanwhile, COST AVIATION provides a unique, integrated consulting approach to aviation business, by combining the expertise and experience of Stuttgart Airport with a strong network of cooperation partners. COST AVIATION performs in the value chain right from the definition of business needs to translation of the same to tangible guidelines for implementation partners. In the context of this partnership, COST AVIATION will provide aviation business consulting to the customers and educate them about the business needs for solutions like GroundStar and AA+. Wolfgang Müller, CEO at COST AVIATION, stated: “We are looking forward to this partnership as a single-step solution for the aviation industry, consisting of COST AVIATION’s business consulting to operational systems provided by INFORM and the analytical engine from GrayMatter to complete the picture to manage the magic triangle between productivity, quality and employee satisfaction.”

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