Heathrow Airport’s hold baggage screening system adds Remote Condition Monitoring


10 June 2015

Essex, UK-based CHS Engineering Services Ltd recently deployed its Remote Condition Monitoring (RCM) system in London Heathrow Airport’s hold baggage screening system. Designed for both in-door and out-door operation and on any equipment, the RCM system contains a small box called ‘Foundations Connect’, which can hold a combination of up to four different types of sensors that will measure temperature, humidity, vibration, GPS, and pressure, amongst others. A live feed from each of these sensors will be supplied through the cloud via the Internet of Things (IOT) and into Foundations, from where users can log onto using any internet capable device to configure, read, and analyse live feed detected on the ground. With CHS Engineering’s RCM system, alert threshold and analysis can be configured for each sensor, thereby allowing specific setup for individual machines. If any sensor picks up adverse working conditions that will likely result in operational stoppage, it will trigger an alert either via email or text messages to pre-defined groups of users. Data analysis is also made easy through Foundations, which tracks and benchmarks equipment performance. This is integrated in a maintenance management system that ensures inspection and work is done to rectify the problem promptly and effectively.

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