Virtual Assistants from Tensator help departing passengers with security at London Luton Airport


11 May 2015

London Luton Airport in the UK has installed two new Virtual Assistants from Tensator to assist departing passengers with security measures. The Virtual Assistants create the illusion of dealing with a real person whilst delivering a pre-recorded message. The airport was the first in the world to use Tensator’s Virtual Assistants in 2011, which have since been seen by over 16 million departing passengers and have led to a 12% reduction in the number of bags rejected by security. The two new Ultra versions of the digital signage solution will be deployed in two separate areas in the terminal and will have a footprint of just 20 in x 20 in. Kevin Aldridge, terminal manager, London Luton Airport, said, “The first of our new Tensator Virtual Assistants will be placed in the baggage preparation zone. Here, the image of an actress in airport uniform advises on liquids in hand luggage, explaining what is prohibited and how to prepare permitted items. The second unit, which is based in the main security search area, will reinforce the liquids message and also remind passengers to remove coats, belts and empty their pockets in readiness to pass through the search process.” The new Tensator Virtual Assistant units, alongside other measures, will help to further speed up the security process, ensuring that passengers’ journeys through the airport are as quick and efficient as possible. Improving the passenger experience is an important part of the GBP 100 million redevelopment project which is due to get underway in 2015, and will see significant improvements to the terminal building.

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