TLD expands new factory in China


11 March 2015

The new TLD Wuxi factory was built in 2011 to accommodate TLD’s expansion in the Asian market. The building erected during the phase 1 of the construction spans on 10,500 m², including more than 1,600 m² of office area. TLD Wuxi, in China’s Jiangsu province, produces loaders, aircraft conventional tractors and lavatory and water trucks. These products benefit from the joint engineering forces of the TLD design offices. TLD Wuxi also manufactures the JST, TLD’s diesel baggage tractor, for the worldwide market. In order to accompany the growth of the aviation industry in Asia, TLD has already started the phase 2 of the construction. The foundation works started on 29 December 2014, and a total expansion of 8,400 m² is being built, including 1,200 m² of office area and 7,200 m² of workshop and logistic area. The completion of this extension is planned for 30 November 2015. With its total area of 20,000 m², TLD Wuxi hopes to become one of the largest and most modern GSE manufacturing sites in the world. In February 2015, TLD launched its new cargo tractor, the JCT-40/60, designed for baggage handling tasks as well as towing of heavy cargo. Thanks to its high drawbar pull (up to 4500 daN) it can also be used to push back small/medium aircraft. The JCT is a tractor developed to convey cargo on long distance at a maximal speed of 30 km/hr. It is equipped with adjustable suspended seats for the driver/co-driver, and with a fully instrumented control panel. The JCT series offers two engine versions of either 56 kW or 75 kW.

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