Germany orders over 100 security scanners from L-3 SDS


25 February 2015

The German Ministry of the Interior (MOI) has ordered more than 100 security scanners from L-3 Security and Detection Systems (L-3 SDS) to be deployed at various airports across Germany. The ProVision ATD and ProVision 2 security scanners will be used by security personnel at primary screening points and will provide an unobtrusive alternative to the traditional ‘pat-down’. The image-free ProVision 2 system ensures passenger privacy with software that automatically detects both metallic and non-metallic threats. The system then indicates the location of the detected objects on a generic mannequin. The ProVision 2 uses safe millimetre wave (MMW) technology and requires a simple single pose during a 1.5-second scan. L-3 SDS said that the next-generation ProVision 2 was built on a flexible software platform that met both ECAC CEP Standard 1 and Standard 2 requirements.

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