New Turbine Washer from Aviation Management International


25 October 2012

Aviation Management International (AMI) has added the AMI-TW60AT turbine washer with self-contained compressed air tank to its line of ground support equipment. The AMI-TW60 turbine was AMI’s first turbine washer design that utilized shop air as its air source. The success of the product and feedback customers has prompted AMI to design a completely self-contained unit – the AMI-TW60AT turbine washer with self-contained air tank. The lightweight and portable design allows maintenance professionals to easily move the cart on the ramp or over unimproved surfaces. The AMI-TW60 and AMI-TW60AT turbine washers offer 0 - 60 psi regulated outlet pressure, an adjustable dial pressure regulator, pressure indicator and two 5 gal fluid reservoirs for a typical configuration of a cleaning solution in one reservoir and fresh water in the other. This configuration allows the user to wash and rinse without changing bottles or fluids, by way of a fluid source selector valve.

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