Plug Power installs its first GenFuel outdoor hydrogen dispensers at Memphis, Tennessee


25 November 2014

Plug Power Inc., the hydrogen fuel cell system manufacturer, has installed its first GenFuel site using outdoor hydrogen dispensers. Plug Power installed the ground support equipment (GSE) at the airport in Memphis, TN. In a press release, Plug Power said that the GSE installed has a standard storage tank for hydrogen, compression system and fuel pipelines. The company also included its first outdoor GenFuel hydrogen dispensers. The Plug Power system will be used to power 15 airport tugs. The company said the outdoor dispenser is different from the indoor dispenser because the enclosure is capable of withstanding all types of weather and protects the equipment from the elements. The fuel cell system manufacturer said it was able to design the system at the airport specifically for airport tugs. The differ from the GenDrive systems Plug Power sells for material handling purposes in warehouses. The outdoor system requires a bigger 20 kW power output because of how demanding the airport application is. All systems are stored and operated only outdoors. Plug Power said the fuel cells in the new system offer at least double the efficiency of its warehouse-targeted systems. They generate just water and heat as waste by-products, which means the airport tugs become zero emission vehicles and are compliant with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Tier 4 final emissions standards.

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