Video projection avatars assist passengers at San Antonio Airport


25 November 2014

San Antonio International Airport, TX, has introduced video projection avatars to assist passengers entering the security check area. The projected image, called Eva, is a hologram that is activated when a traveller enters its proximity. Eva has been programmed to run through a series of helpful pointers to assist passengers entering security and expedite the TSA process. Each 90-sec script alternates between being played in English and Spanish. Frank Miller, Aviation Director for San Antonio Airport, said: “The avatars are another customer service tool to enhance the security checkpoint experience. Eva offers good information and friendly reminders that will help passengers move quickly and efficiently through security.” Patrick Bienvenu, COO of Airus Media, the manufacturer of the Eva avatar, said: “Creating a realistic avatar is truly an art that requires creativity and skills. Producing and manufacturing ‘Eva’ is a complex process involving high-end videography, digital engineering, computer programming, graphics, and manufacturing.”

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