ICAO discusses airport security development


26 September 2012

Stressing the need for effective and more sustainable security, ICAO recently brought together more than 700 officials for the start of its high-level conference on aviation security. Ministers and senior security officials representing 135 countries and 27 international organizations sought agreement on a number of critical priorities at the three-day event, including the implementation of new air cargo security measures. These have been developed collaboratively by aviation and cargo sector experts over the past two years, largely in response to a 2010 incident where explosives were discovered in printer cartridges in air cargo shipments. “Civil aviation remains an attractive target for terrorists,” said Roberto Kobeh González, President of the ICAO Council. “It is an essential mode of transport that contributes significantly to worldwide economic and social development. Clearly, as terrorist threats evolve, we must continually adapt and reinforce our strategies and improve our level of collaboration so that aviation remains a secure means of moving people and goods quickly and affordably.” The Conference agenda focused on how to implement tighter security measures, but on a more sustainable, long-term basis. The goal was to agree on coordinated, risk-based approaches which would provide solutions that are both more effective and efficient for airports, airlines and passengers.

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