Virtual Assistant helps Boston Airport Passengers


13 May 2013

Tensator has announced that, after successfully deploying Carla, Boston Logan Airport’s bi-lingual Tensator Virtual Assistant to inform and guide millions of passengers quickly and efficiently through its Terminal E security checkpoint, the airport has signed on three additional Tensator Virtual Assistants. The attention-catching Virtual Assistants are deployed at Terminals A, B and C, providing essential security information including messages on ID and boarding passes, federal regulations regarding liquids, garment removal and X-ray machine instructions. Messages are delivered in both English and Spanish, providing passengers with consistent, surround sound audio accompanied by highly visual information to ensure passengers clearly understand all the information they need to know in order to improve efficiency, passenger flow and their overall airport experience. Carla was first deployed in June 2012, and since then the airport has seen improvement in speeding passenger throughput, together with overall passenger awareness and readiness at the security checkpoint.

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